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    I adore it, but is it too old womanly?

    I'm pregnant with my first child and I just found out it's going to be a little girl (At least with all hope). I'm absolutely ecstatic because I have had a name I've always wanted to use for a girl, Silvia. It's from a wonderful great-great aunt who I remember always so fondly and I think it's a beautiful name, classic and beautiful. But when told my dear family all have doubts, all but my grandmother(who adores my choice to pick a 'normal' name). My mom and dad both think it's wonderful that I want to honer my great-great aunt but they both told me it might be best to use it as a middle name instead. Everyone I talk to seems to think it's too much of an 'old-lady' name to be used as my daughters name and not to use it; and if I use it at all it should be a middle.

    So what do you think about it, is Silvia too much of an 'old-lady' name to use or is my family being much to cautious about the name? And if you like Silvia do you know of any middle names that would work? Most of the names I like end in an 'a' and all of them are much to odd sounding with Silvia. Please and Thank you for your opinions.

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    Silvia is beautiful. It won't be an old lady name once it's bestowed on your baby girl. Just remind your family that one day she will be an old lady; she'll be an adult much longer than she'll be a child.

    I just went and checked the SSA data... There were 754 girls named Sylvia/Silvia born in 2012. You are certainly not the only parent who thinks Silvia works for a baby.
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    I love Silvia (spelling Sylvia so it doesnt make me think of Saliva). It is a little old-ladyish, but she's not going to be a baby forever and I think the fact it is after an aunt is sweet.
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    Silvia/Sylvia is NOT an old lady name to me. When I saw the thread title I was expecting something like Ethel.

    Silvia is cute though. Works well on a little kid and will grow and mature as the child gets older. I have only come across one "Sylvia" before and she was about my age. This was in highschool. She would now be about 22/23 (depending on her birthday).

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    I like Silvia, and it's not the unusable kind of old-ladyish (like, say, Hester or Hortense). It's cute, really - and the nn Silvie is girlish and sweet. Forget your family, this isn't about them!

    Silvia Cate and Silvia Gwen were the first middles that popped into my head. What kinds of mn's do you like that you were thinking wouldn't go? That would help us come up with others that fit your taste.

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