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    Isla is the most common way that name is pronounced. It depends on which country you live in or go to. About half the population in Australia would pronounce Ailsa the way you intend the other Al-sah.

    People pronounce our daughters name wrong about less than half the time
    Sophia instead of Saphira (we call mostly Sophie any way so it could be people assume its a nickname for Sophia). As long as you don't mind correcting people every now and then. They might just use her nick name anyway If you are going to use one.
    My two precious girls:

    Sophir@ Li

    Av@leigh Beth Gwendolyn

    Other name combinations I like:

    Seth Daniel


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    @Rebekah, I guarantee at least somebody would pronounce Eyelah Eh-yell-uh.

    Aisla bothers me faintly because of the word aisle. Isla is a lovely name, though, and I know a little Aila.

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    [QUOTE=brigid16;1940347]@Rebekah, I guarantee at least somebody would pronounce Eyelah Eh-yell-uh.

    Oh, dear. You're probably right about that---but that just proves there is no safe spelling except maybe Bob!
    Our sweet kiddos include:

    Amaré Elyse
    We pronounce her name Am-uh-RAY, as you would say, "I am a ray of sunshine."

    Job Marcellus
    We call him Joby.

    Sélah Carys

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    I love the name but I greatly prefer the Isla. My first reaction was to read Aisla as 'Ay-la'. I do think it's a beautiful name and you should use the spelling that you like.

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    Thank you everyone who offered their opinion! Was great to hear all perspectives.

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