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    Quote Originally Posted by goodhope View Post
    I admit I misread the name as Ailsa. :|

    In general, I prefer traditional or very well-established spellings. Realistically, there is so much variation out there, even people with traditional spellings have to spell their names sometimes. Aisla doesn't appeal to me, but if you like it and are comfortable with it, use it.
    Same here.
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    I wouldn't have guessed that pronunciation upon reading the name. I think Ayla & Isla stand just as much of a chance of getting mispronounced in some parts of the world. But this spelling is especially unfamiliar. That doesn't mean she won't be able to get through life just fine with it. The people in her life will learn to spell and pronounce it, it's not that confusing.

    Personally, my favorite spelling is Isla. Ayla reminds me too much of Kayla, Shayla, ect.

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    My name is Siobhan, and while it's common in Ireland, most people don't know how to say it in the US.

    This actually isn't a problem because most people aren't reading my name, they are saying it. When they see it it gets some raised eyebrows, but Iit's an interesting conversation topic and I like how it connects me to my Irish heritage (I'm completely Irish). Personally I like Isla because it's the traditional spelling, but it's your kid

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    I misread it as Ailsa too, and if you're willing to put up with people thinking it's that at first glance or saying it as ay-la rather than eye-la then go for it. If it's your favourite spelling use it but understand it won't be without problems.
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    I knew how to pronounce it because I know someone with that name, but I can see how it would be difficult. If you love the name, use it. I have a friend named Seanan (pronounced "Shannon") which is the traditional Irish spelling, and she says that she wishes people kew how to pronounce it, but prefers it over "Shannon."

    In the end it is really up to you. Aisla may need to correct people, but in the end she might be happy that you chose Aisla instead of the increasingly more popular spelling, Isla.

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