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    What are your thoughts on the name Rosetta

    What do you think of Rosetta as a first name? What middle name would you put with it?

    Also, is Hermione off limits as a name because of Harry Potter?

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    Re: What are your thoughts on the name Rosetta

    The first thing I thought of when I read Rosetta was the Rosetta Stone. Now, that's not a bad association or anything, I'm just being honest. I do like the name though. It's a unique twist on the whole "Rose" trend. It's very sweet, with a tougher side. I think it's very usable. And there is always the nn option of Etta instead of the popular Rose.

    As for Hermione, I love that name! I read somewhere that it means "pillar-queen," though it is also derived from the god Hermes, the messenger god. As much as I love Harry Potter, it sucks that it made Hermione so popular because even people who don't know much about the series will recognize it and make that association.

    I love both of your names and your style. In my opinion though, Rosetta is more usable than Hermione. Can't come up with any mns right now, but I would suggest something short and a little off-beat.


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    Re: What are your thoughts on the name Rosetta

    I immeadiately think of Rosetta Stone too, and like Hana said, I don't think that is a bad association, its just an association. Rosetta isn't my taste, but I think that it is appealing. I love Rose, as a first name too, not just a middle. I especially love Rosalie and Rosemary. Rosemary Etta would be gorgeous in my opinion!

    As for Hermione, I think that this is a useable name for a middle name only. I wouldn't use it as a first, and not just because of Harry Potter. My dad's middle name is Herman, and he got teased with "Hermy" as a nickname (his first name is Paul) by his siblings and he hates his middle name. I think that Hermione as a middle wouldn't get teased, but I wouldn't use it as a first for that reason. I think Hermione is a really cool middle name, and I actually like the Harry Potter connection, just so long as its a middle name.
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    Re: What are your thoughts on the name Rosetta

    I was once considering Rosetta, but like others have said the Rosetta Stone connection is there. It was a turn off for me simply bc of that. It's a lovelyyyyy name though! I just wish that company didn't Also, how is Hermione pronounced???

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    Re: What are your thoughts on the name Rosetta

    I love Rosetta! It's a favorite of mine. : )

    I think the Rosetta Stone connection is there, but it's not a bad connection at all -- in fact, i think it's a pretty cool connection! It's one I would've loved to have a link to as a kid, were Rosetta my name. It's cool, it's mysterious, ancient Egypt, etc. I would've totally been into that connection.

    If anything, she might get tired of people saying 'Oh, like the Rosetta Stone!', but then I'd rather get tired of a connection than have a very popular connection, or have to constantly correct people's pronunciation, etc.

    I think Hermione is VERY tied to Harry Potter. For a lot of folks, it's the only time they've ever even heard of the name. Perhaps in several generations the connection won't be as strong, but in the world of kids and teachers, Hermione = Harry Potter, and that'll be her world for a large part of her life.

    Plus, I think that character is more of a bad connection than say the Rosetta Stone, because she is sort of an insufferable know-it-all for much of the series.

    And then there's the pronunciation issues for all the other people who don't know the name. When I first read the books, i thought it was pronounced HER-mee-own. : P

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