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Thread: first daughter

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    Just throwing a couple of extra Gaelic names in the mix...
    Clodagh (nn Chloe?)
    Tullia (could get nn Tully which has a similar ring to Polly)
    Aisling (nn Ash!)
    I do like Sorcha, but I prefer Saoirse

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    Loving Minerva!

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    Mmm Minerva and Pallas - wonderful names.
    Caius and Otto are such little ancient emperor names. I think Polly (oddly) has some of the same stout strength and the Germanness of Otto, but she is too cute as a full name. You definitely need something old and unfrilly.

    Doris - I find this oh so evocative of ancient Greek architecture and sea nymphs, but DH says I just like it because it sounds like the name of someone who might serve me pie. Perhaps it's a happy medium between Pallas and Polly?
    Too bad Nike is completely unusable. Could be great in your sibset.
    Tacita - love this name. "TA-sit-uh" (so mysterious and whispery)

    How about Pallas nicknamed Polly? Oh yes!

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    Hi again,

    theclocktowerofjoy- I love Ottilie but I have an Otto so it would be too much Ott to trot! I have never considered Sanne (Sann-ah?) and like the sound of that

    lauren-kay- I love all these names but my partner is strongly ambivalent about any names he sees as liable to be mispronounced. I so love Aisling. I would be on that one in a flash otherwise.

    thanks caspar. I love the name, and really love the meaning. I like a girls name with a feisty/lofty meaning!

    emmabobemma- You are dead on the mark with my tastes. I want to steer clear of the frill if possible. Not a fan of Astrid, but I LOVE Nike if not for the brand (and Calypso if it weren't for the nigh identical brand Calippo).
    I don't know if I have the guts to use Doris but I love Sabine, Clio and especially Tacita.
    Slight reservations on the first two- unsure if Clio sounds a little too...neat? alongside Caius?
    And Sabine has the slightly discouraging association of the Sabine women. How much do you think this should matter?
    But Tacita! I've never come across it before- my heart leapt a little. Will bring it up with my partner tonight

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    What about Sable, Eulalie, Sosia/Zosia, Zuzanna, Zenobia, Lilou, Lieve (lee-vuh), Liesl, Sybil/Sybilla, Sybella, or Saskia?

    As for Sosie, you could use Susannah (and then you could also get Sanne as a nn!).

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