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    My current list; wanting suggestions!

    Ing broody, so what do you guys think of the following names?

    Wanting some new suggestions please!


    I'm also warming to the name Romilly (nn Milly) what's everyones thoughts on it?

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    Sorry if the suggestions seem a little all over the place...

    Anna - Very girl-next-door. Not a bad thing, but I think Anne is much more refreshing. Anya, Annika, Hannah, Annelise
    Verity - Not my favorite virtue name, but it works. Amity, Constance, Solace, Felicity, Mercy, Merit.
    Amelie - I much prefer Amelia. There's something about the spelling of Amelie that bothers me a little. Delphine, Daphne, Ivy, Chloe, Rosemarie
    Tabitha - I don't really like this. It's very harsh and not very fluid to me. Petra, Greer, Sloane, Yvonne, Hester
    Georgina - Love! I think this is more playful and sleeker than Georgia or Georgiana. Carlotta, Elise, Eloise, Elizabeth, Frances, Lydia, Delilah, Melanie
    Cleo - I never liked this name that much, I think you have better choices on your list. Stella, Lucy, Opal, Fern, Hazel
    Esther - I'm neutral on this one. I like that it's underused but still recognizable, but I wonder if it's too old lady still. Daisy, Edith, Florence, Estelle
    Freya - This is alright. I don't have anything against it, but I wouldn't use it. I think on the right girl, it could be super cute. Faye, Annabelle, Susannah, Maybelle, Christabella
    Romilly - I like the name, but not the nickname Milly. Makes me think of millipedes, ew. I prefer Romy or Remy. Rowan, Aurora, Araminta, Dahlia, Zara, Renata

    My favorite hands down is Georgina. There's just something about it that makes it so sunny and carefree.
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    Just a name lover.

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    Anna- I like it and think it's a sweet name, but doesn't have much spark to my ear.
    Verity- I like this one as a substitute for Violet (which I like and want to use because of the v sound, but it sounds too much like violent to me).
    Amelie- it's nice, quite french to me. I prefer Amelia, but it's so popular that amelie might be an unexpected twist.
    Tabitha- it's fun, and i really like the 'th' in the middle for some reason.
    Georgina- this is the name i want to say or suggest whenever someone says georgiana. I knew a georgina in Ireland who went by Georgie and it fit her so well. I really like it.
    Cleo- it's a pretty name, much more interesting than Chloe which is everywhere, but it feels a little incomplete to me.
    Esther- I knew an Esther in Ireland as well, and it was pronounced Es-ter, which is a younger sound to me. Even though I like the th in Tabitha, I prefer Esther as es-ter
    Freya- sounds a bit cold to me (maybe makes me think of cold in Spanish.)

    I'm also warming to the name Romilly (nn Milly) what's everyones thoughts on it?
    I really like the nn Milly for romilly, almost more than romilly itself, but i do appreciate/prefer that Milly is a nickname and not full form.

    I think I answered these as if they were supposed to be going on MY list, rather than how I would feel if I heard them. They are all unique enough and timeless and I can picture a woman holding the name throughout her life, which makes them all solid choices. I would be pleasantly surprised if, for example, I saw any of these on my Facebook as friends' birth announcements. I wouldn't be disappointed or bored by any of them, though I would secretly hope Esther was pronounced the way I like it

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    Amelie is a beautiful name and distinct from the increasingly popular Amelia.
    I also really like Freya and Esther but prefer Georgiana to Georgina.
    I'm not a huge fan of Romilly. How about Ramona instead?

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