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    What do you do to treat your kids ailments and help boost their immune system?

    How awful it is when our little ones come down with a fever. Of course we have Nurofen handy to bring down the temperature, and then there is the runny nose that must be an allergy?? So many perplexing problems to solve when you are the mother of small children.

    So gurus here is your chance to share how you overcome the problems of sore throats, temperatures etc.

    I think most of all I am interested in finding out how you help to protect their immune system. We all know that a course of antibiotics undermines the immune system, so it seems that we are between a rock and a hard place, in that we need to treat our children but we also want them to have a strong immune system.

    I have been reading an article that advocates cod liver oil but it would have to be a child in a million (surely?) who would be able to take it without gagging.

    Looking forward to hearing how you deal with these everyday ailments that make our kids miserable.

    Psalm 23

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