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    Rollo: my children take a daily dose of children's probiotics, and this seems to help their immune systems - especially Emily, who used to get quite a lot of colds, bronchitis, etc. She has been very healthy this past school year, even when stomach bugs and colds were going around.

    Here is the link to the brand that they take:
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    I don't give medications like Neurofen for fever alone, only for pain. Fever is the body's natural defence system - that's how it kills bugs. So if you stop the fever you prolong the illness. My daughter is pretty much never sick, she has been breastfed full term which I think really helps and I am also big on good nutrition. I would recommend a spirulina supplement or a pre/probiotic if you want to take something extra.
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    My son is now 19 months and has had only had a couple of brief colds. He has had a fever only once and I gave him baby ibuprofen for it. I gave him warm baths, ran a humidifier for him, and took him out in the cool night air to help him breathe more easily. We gave him lots of water. I tried to keep him still when he was sick, b.c running around made his cough worse. I showed him some Sesame Street and it completely zombied him out. So I am definitely saving screen time for illnesses.

    He was 100% formula fed. He still puts everything in his mouth, shares sippie cups with his little friends, and gives the dog kisses, so I think he was just born w. a good immune system. It is funny, b.c nearly all of his little same-age friends are breastfed (and still being breastfed as toddlers) and they have all had multiple ear infections and respiratory illnesses. That is anecdotal and not worth anything, of course. Still, I think most of these things come down to chance.

    Anyhow, I have no idea if he would be just as healthy if our lifestyle were different, or if he is so healthy b.c we are just such amazing parents. I am inclined to think the former is true, but here are the things that I can think of that we do that may help:

    He has had all of his vaccinations, and we are up on our shots as well, especially pertussis.

    He has always slept well. I think that is a huge thing, in terms of keeping kids healthy. They really need so much more sleep than we do- we have always be careful to give him plenty of rest. Right now he has a good solid 2 hour nap during the day and a 12 hour stretch at night.

    He plays outside every day and gets plenty of sunshine. My grandma says that it important.

    He drinks lots of water. He has always eaten the same things we eat- we do tend to eat at home. I cook from scratch. I guess I use a lot of garlic, some people think that helps. We don't eat a lot of sugar. But we aren't militant about it- he has definitely eaten junk food. He loves fruit and eats lots of oranges. That could help.

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    I use vitamin C, cod liver oil, an omega supplement, magnesium and probiotics for my kids. Of course, I don't do all of these all the time!!

    During cold and flu season or times when exposure will be greater (before flying, traveling etc) I dose the c, probiotics and cod liver oil more often. With GI upset I also up the probiotics or if they are taking antibiotics. I do cod liver oil and C prior to immunizations. A plain omega supplement if they haven't been eating enough foods, such as fish, to get enough.

    Magnesium is just periodic as the vast majority of Americans are depleted in magnesium and its so vital to all our body systems. Its all about calcium/magnesium ratios and most kiddos who get way more calcium than magnesium which steals all the receptor sites that the two share.

    They also get an organic multiple vitamin depending on eating habits. This one contains aloe, a mineral complex and a fruit/veggie blend. It's liquid and therefore more bioavailable.

    This may all sound a little over the top but believe me when I say these things are used as needed. I pay attention to their diets first and foremost and try focusing on whole foods. Of course there are gaps and that is where I fill in with these supplements.

    A note on the cod liver oil, I use Nordic naturals kids version which is strawberry flavored. It's still oily and a little funny tasting but they have never given me a problem taking it.

    Sorry if I rambled! This is a topic of high interest for me :-)

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    Thank you everyone for sharing you have given me some great information. My granddaughter, Xanthe has had health problems since day dot especially feeding problems so she can eat a lot one day and then go off her food for a few days. She has a cold now and she is such a happy little thing but you hate to see them having to fight off the nasties.

    katushka how wonderful to have a child who has seldom had a cold
    taz I love natural products, food etc and since my stint in hospital a lot of chemical based things at home have been replaced for the natural ones. So terrific to hear that she hasn't had any antibiotics yet, such a blessing.
    charleyandperry1 I can sympathasise with you in regard to the cod liver oil (we should get the adults to take it first, they may not have recommended it then?)
    kyemsma Thanks so much for the link re the probiotics I will check it out to see if we can get it here. Are there other flavours and will the children take them without coaxing?
    milasmama Spirulina I know that is a good food but didn't know you could get it for children. I will check it out.
    tarynkay thanks for all that information lovely to hear that you have such a healthy little man.
    vitamom I have sent your answer to my daughter my lovely 3 year olds mama as I thought she would find it very interesting.
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