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    1 month jitters!

    I can't believe my little boy will be here in a month! We have been keeping our name a secret from family members, and now I am starting to second guess and worry about our choice! The whole pregnancy we've been between Atticus and Augustus. Atticus was the first name we came up with, and then somehow we started liking Augustus more and more. The last few months we have said to ourselves that he is Augustus, called "Gus" at times. So we would have the 2 boys, Felix & Augustus... or Felix & Gus.

    What do you guys think? Is it a good fit? Is Gus the best nickname?? Opinions would me much appreciated! Thanks! :-)
    ~Mother to Felix & Gus <3

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    I favor Atticus! But Augustus is nice, although I don't like the name Gus. I would call him August or Auggie.

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    With Felix, I prefer Atticus as neither has a natural nn. Augustus is nice though. With Feliz, I prefer the nn Auggie to the nn Gus.
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    I prefer the majestic Augustus nn Gus. Felix and Augustus sound like a "natural" brother duo. Atticus is so trendy right now that its ancient origins is being forgotten due to its strong literary appeal (although some parents who haven't even read "To Kill a Mockingbird" choose Atticus because it seems like the cool thing to do). I think you're playing it smart by not disclosing your name choices to your family. Fill out the birth certificate first before divulging your "secret". That way, your family and friends would have no choice but to accept your final decision rather than try to change your mind so you're second guessing yourself.
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    I love both! Atticus, Augustus and Felix are on my list.

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