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    Gideon Burtka Harris

    Okay, so I know Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka's twins-Gideon and Harper- are not quite babies anymore. However, I love the names together, I find them adorable.

    Coincidentally I ran into David Burtka over the weekend with Harper and Gideon. And he kept calling Gideon "Gids". I thought that was the cutest thing ever and I just wanted to share. Plus Gideon always struck me as a name without a nickname. Can't believe I missed the obvious and sweet 'Gids'!
    It's really given me a newfound respect of sorts for the name Gideon. Just wanted to share
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    Gideon and Harper are two names I'd never have put together but they are so cute! I love Gideon Scott, it sounds heroic. Gids is a great nickname, I never thought of it either!
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    I agree, Gids is cute. There is also Giddy, a friend of a friend calls her son (who I believe is the same age) Gideon "Giddy."
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