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    Quote Originally Posted by scarletrune View Post
    The Kardashians represent everything that is wrong with society. They're famous for nothing and are the definition of fame seekers (insert more inappropriate word here). They're fake (generally, I actually kind of like Khloe).

    Also, before you call me jealous (of what?), please know that I don't care a lick about the Kardashians other than being interested in what they name their babies, but I enjoy (usually) seeing what everyone names their children because I'm a name nerd.

    ETA: Anyone can ruin a name for any reason. Someone you don't like naming their child one of your favorite names can ruin the name for you. Honestly, I don't see it as being any different from a lot of people on here complaining about a name becoming "too popular".

    This. Amen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skarbassoona View Post
    I imagine she will choose something that demands attention. Probably a word name, but not a color (Khaki, maybe) because Beyonce did that recently, and not a decidedly masculine name either (Kevin) because baby Maxwell took that thunder. Even Kansas won't fly thanks to baby Tenessee.

    My best guess is that this LO will be named: KIWI

    Other guesses are:

    Kendra's out. It's too close to Kim's half sister Kendall.
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    Kim had said that she likes word names and I just read that the name starts with a K.
    My guess is Karma.

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    Oh, congrats to them! Evn though I am not a Kardashian fan, I am happy Kim finally has a babe. As for names... We all know they have very specific style. My guesses will be Kambree, Kameron or Karina/Karine since the latter is Armenian.

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    Well, I am thinking along the lines of: Kallista, Karis, Kamden, Karina, Kallie (I can see them totally improvising on spelling to make name with a K)... I think they will use the middle name Donda in honor if his late mother, I don't believe she would go masculine... she seems to "frilly" for that, but who knows, I think he will have a big say in it for sure....
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