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    Quote Originally Posted by aurra View Post
    I've been studying Japanese for a few months, along with names. The 'ko' suffix is very dated and only used in traditional families nowadays. I would avoid such names if you aren't Japanese.

    -Rin is said REEN, rhyming with lean or keen. Ren would rhyme with Wren.
    -Sara is said saw-ruh, not Sare-uh
    -Ami is ah-mi not Amy
    -Erika is eh-rlee-kuh, with the weird twist on the 'r'.
    Yes I know they are pn differently, but was providing an option that had an English counterpart/pronunciation, so she could use them in both countries.

    Rin is not said like Reen, at least in every anime I watched (yes in Japanese), they say it like Ren/Wren.

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    Aomori and Odate are on our list. Both are cities.

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    Thanks for all these suggestions!

    We have a friend Rin in Japan, she pronounces it Reen. I actually really like Rin, I prefer the sound of Ren but somehow that spelling sends my mind right to Stimpy!

    We don't know how much longer we will live here, so we're more concerned that a North American can pronounce since in the long term we will probably settle there.

    My faves of all the suggestions are Mei, Sakura, Aomori and Asami. The town where we live is Nikko, so I've considered that as a unisex option since otherwise I'm only gravitating towards girl names.

    @aurra, YES Be-soo-pa is how they say her name, so funny. I had no idea where we were moving there when we had her so I didn't even fathom it My name is Lane so we are both used to mispronunciations!
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    I really don't have any suggestions to add but think others have made some really great ones.
    (I noticed you didn't place it as a favorite - which is good - but, I would avoid names like Midori which are known in the US/UK as types of liquors. It wouldn't really bother me but with Vesper becomeing a popular cocktail it might just been too obvious).
    I personally really love ideas that work well in other languages and don't sound too Japanese since you don't have the heritage (or using it as a mn). Something like Naomi, Mai, and Seira would be what I would lean toward for a fn.
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    I read a book once with a main character named Megumi, nn Meg or Maggie. Maybe one of the names you like in one language can be adapted to the other in that way? Like Emmeline nn Emi, or Takara nn Kara.

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