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    Japanese-name sibling to Vesper?

    Our daughter, Vesper Elizabeth will have a sibling in a little under 6 months from now. We are tossing around a lot of names (and we won't be finding out the gender) but I'm trying to see if any Japanese names will fit. Neither my husband nor I are Japanese but we have been living in Japan for the 2.5 years since my daughter was born and will be there for the birth of our next child.

    Can you think of any way I can have a sibset and use a name from the country where our child will be born? We have a hyphenated last name with an English and Polish name.
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    I don't know how accurate this is, but here is a list I found on Yahoo answers. Naomi is best with Vesper Elizabeth.
    Akari - Light; brightness.
    Ayame - Iris.
    Azami - Word of the heart; thistle.
    Chiyo - A thousand sparkles; forever.
    Emiko - Child graced with beauty; smiling child.
    Hana - Flower; favorite.
    Harumi - Springtime beauty.
    Hatsumi - Beginning of beauty.
    Hinata - Sunny place; in the sun.
    Hitomi - Beautiful virtues; pupil of the eye.
    Hoshimi - Starlight.
    Izumi - Fountain; spring.
    Kaede - Maple.
    Hairi - Ocean village.
    Kana - Name of a demi-god.
    Karin - Pure.
    Kayoko - Child of a good generation.
    Kazumi - Beautiful harmony.
    Kazuna - One vegetable.
    Kazuno - Your peace.
    Keiko - Blessed child.
    Kimiko - Child without equal.
    Kira - Dark.
    Kiyoko - Pure child.
    Kiyomi - Pure beauty.
    Koemi - Little laugh.
    Kokoa - Love of the heart.
    Konami - Little south beauty.
    Kotori - Bird of luck.
    Koyuki - Little snow.
    Kumiko - Child with braids.
    Kyoka/Kyouka - Fragrant capital.
    Kyoko - Respectful child; child of the capital.
    Maaya - True design.
    Machiko - Knowledgeable child.
    Maeko - Child of true blessing.
    Maemi - Ten thousand blessings and beauty.
    Mai - Ocean or elegance.
    Maiha - Danve of the waves.
    Maiko - Dance child.
    Makiko - True record child.
    Manami - Beautiful love.
    Mariko - Child of true reason.
    Masumi - True purity; Increasing beauty.
    Matsuko - Pine tree child.
    Matsuyo - Age of the pine tree.
    Mayu - Gentle truth.
    Mayumi - True blow.
    Megumi - Blessing.
    Mei - The youngest of sisters; beautiful; plum.
    Michiko - Beautiful wise child.
    Michiyo - Era of beauty and wisdom.
    Midori - Beautiful branch.
    Mikako - Beautiful fragrance child.
    Mikayo - Beautiful fragrance child.
    Mikino - Beautiful beginning you.
    Minako - Child of the beautiful Nara.
    Minami - South.
    Mineko - Summit and child.
    Minori - Beautiful harbor.
    Misa - Beautiful sand.
    Misaki - Beautiful blossom.
    Misayo - Beautiful helpful child.
    Misora - Beautiful sky.
    Mitsuki - Beautiful moon.
    Mitsuko - Child of the light.
    Mitsuuo - Generation of light.
    Miya - Temple; increasingly beautiful.
    Miyabi - Graceful.
    Miyako - Capital; beautiful child.
    Miyu - Superior beauty; superior feeling.
    Mizuki - Silent snow; beautiful happiness.
    Miyuu - Beautiful tenderness.
    Mizuki - Beautiful moon; beautiful month.
    Mizuko - Water child.
    Momiji - Japanese maple tree.
    Momoka - A thousand flowers.
    Momoko - Peach child.
    Moriko - Child of the forest.
    Moriyo - Forest generation.
    Motoko - Child of the capital.
    Motoyo - Begninning generation.
    Mutsoko - Intimate child.
    Nagisa - The seashore.
    Nami - Of great reknown.
    Namiko - Wave child; surf child.
    Nana - Grace; favour.
    Nanako - Child of the greens.
    Nanami - Seven seas.
    Nanase - Seven currents.
    Naoko - Obedient child.
    Naomi - Beautiful, pleseant, delightful.
    Nariko - Hard-working child.
    Narumi - Growing beauty.
    Natsuki - Summer and hope.
    Natsuko - Child of the summer.
    Natsumi - Summer beauty.
    Natsuyo - Summer generation.
    Nishiko - Child of the west.
    Nishiyo - West generation.
    Noemi - Beautiful, pleasant, delightful.
    Nori - Law.
    Noriko - Order/Law Child.
    Nozomi - Rare; wish.
    Oka - Cherry blossom.
    Raiko - Next child.
    Reika - Lovely petal.
    Reiko - Courteous child.
    Reina - Pure; clean.
    Rena - Reborn.
    Rieko - Child blessed with logic.
    Rika - Eternal ruler.
    Riko - Jasmine child.
    Rin - Cold.
    Risa - Sand of the village.
    Risuka - Good law.
    Ritsuko - Child of the law.
    Riye - Blessed with logic.
    Riyeko - Child blessed with logic.
    Ruka - Bright blue flower.
    Rumi - Beautiful lapis lazuli.
    Ruri - Lapis lazuli.
    Ruriko - Lapis lazuli child.
    Ryoko/Ryouko - Refreshing child.
    Sachi - Colorful wisdom.
    Sachiko - Child of happiness.
    Sahiye - Auspicious blessing.
    Sachiyo - Happy generation.
    Sadako - Proper child.
    Sadayo - Proper world.
    Saeko - Serene child.
    Saiko - Serene child.
    Sakae - Prosperity.
    Sakaye - Prosperity.
    Saki - Rare blossoming.
    Sakiko - Blossom child.
    Sakura - Cherry blossom.
    Sakurako - Cherry blossom child.
    Sanae - Rice seedlings.
    Sanaye - Rice seedlings.
    Satoko - Wise child.
    Satomi - Wise beauty.
    Satoyo - Hometown generation.
    Satsuki - Fifth month.
    Saya - Swift arrow.
    Sayake - Good arrow of the sand.
    Sayeko - Serene child.
    Sayo - World of gauze; evening.
    Sayoko - Evening child.
    Sayuri - Small lily.
    Seika - Pure summer.
    Seiki - Star and beginning.
    Seiko - Sincere child.
    Seina - Star and Nara.
    Seira - Holy and good.
    Setsu - Node; verse.
    Setsuko - Season child.
    Setsuna - Calm snow.
    Shigeko - Nourishing child.
    Shigemi - Luxuriant beauty.
    Takara - Treasure.
    Sora - Sky.
    Sumiko - Clear child.
    Sayuri - Small lily.
    Satomi - Village; wise and beautiful.
    Saki - Blossom.
    Rina - Jasmine.
    Keiko - Celebrate, respect; open child.
    Kazue - Harmony.
    Kaoru - Fragrance.
    Kaori - Smell, perfume, fragrance.
    Kanon - Flower; sound.
    Hotaru - Firefly.
    Hoshi - Star.
    Hikari - Light.
    Hikaru - Light; radiance.
    Tsubaki - Camellia flower.
    Tsubasa - Wing

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    I have expressed my love for Michiko in another thread already and I still think it's an absolutely ravishing name.

    I also really like Sachiko, Toshiko and Yukiko for girls; and Satoshi and Hisahito for boys.
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    Naomi - Japanese and established in America
    Mei - sounds the same as May
    Rin - sounds the same as Wren (at least in the anime's I've watched)
    Sara - Sarah (English version)
    Ami - Amy (English version)
    Erika - Erica (English version)

    Are the ones I can think of that would work. Another option is to pick an English name that can be said easily in Japanese.
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    I've been studying Japanese for a few months, along with names. The 'ko' suffix is very dated and only used in traditional families nowadays. I would avoid such names if you aren't Japanese.

    Quote Originally Posted by catloverd View Post
    Naomi - Japanese and established in America
    Mei - sounds the same as May
    Rin - sounds the same as Wren
    Sara - Sarah
    Ami - Amy
    Erika - Erica
    Are the ones I can think of that would work. Another option is to pick an English name that can be said easily in Japanese
    -Rin is said REEN, rhyming with lean or keen. Ren would rhyme with Wren.
    -Sara is said saw-ruh, not Sare-uh
    -Ami is ah-mi not Amy
    -Erika is eh-rlee-kuh, with the weird twist on the 'r'.

    Seeing you live in Japan, you probably already know this, but here is a basic guide to vowel sounds with their Romaji (English alphabet) equivalent:

    A is said 'ah' as in odd or car
    E is said 'eh' as in elk or Ella
    I is said 'ee' as in me or see
    O is said 'oh' as in own or Joe
    U is said 'ooh' as in boo or soon- but is often barely heard and very short.

    Also, although Japan doesn't have an official popularity list, many Japanese parenting sites have polls that give a fairly accurate representation of name popularity.

    According to one source, the top names in 2011 were as follows:

    Yui (Yoo-ee)
    Aoi (Ow-ee)
    Yua (You-ah)
    Rin (Reen)
    Hina Hee-nah)

    Hirota (Hee-row-tah)
    Ren (Wren)
    Yuuma (YOU-mah)
    Souta (SO-tah)
    Sora (so-rah)

    One important thing to note about Japanese names is that many of them are truly unisex. There are also a lot of base 'names' that have different prefixes or suffixes that change the meaning.

    For example, take Katsu. It's a boys' name meaning victory.

    By adding the character for 'ki', you get Katsuki, which roughly translates to 'strength of victory'. Ki is predominantly a boys' ending.
    By adding the character 'mi', you get Katsumi, which roughly translates to 'beautiful victory'. Mi is almost exclusively a girls' suffix (it can be a prefix, but more commonly is added at the end.)

    How long are you planning to live in Japan? Vesper Elizabeth is not a very Japanese-friendly name; I bet Vesper comes out as Besupa. If you are in the military and will be traveling a lot, than I suggest a name easy to say English and Japanese, but not necessarily Japanese, such as:

    Emma (Romaji- Ema)
    Zoey/Zoe (Romaji- Zoi)
    Maisie (Romaji- Meizii)
    Mia (Romaji- Miya; an actual Japanese name)
    Anya (Romaji- Annya)
    Karen (Romaji- Keiren)
    Kaia (Romaji- Kaiya; which is another Japanese name)
    Katie (Romaji- Keiti)
    Kamaria (Romaji- Kamaria)
    Juno (Romaji- Juuno)
    Selena (Romaji- Seriina)

    If you are going to stay in Japan for awhile, than a name that is Japanese but easily said in English would be advisable:

    Naomi (Said close to now-mi in Japanese; means above all, beauty)
    Asami (ah-sah-mi; means beautiful morning)
    Amaia/Amaya (night rain; the first spelling is ah-my-uh and the second is ah-mah-yah)
    Emi (Emmie; beautiful blessing or picture)
    Izumi (ee-zoo-me; fountain)
    Kaori (cow-ri; fragrance weaving)
    Kasumi (kuh-smee; mist)
    Kiyomi (ki-yo-mee; pure beauty)
    Mai (mye; dance)
    Mari (mah-ree; Japanese form of Mary)
    Megumi (meh-goo-me; blessing)
    Mika (me-kuh; beautiful fragrance)
    Mizuki (me-zoo-key; beautiful moon)
    Sayuri (sah-yoo-ree; lily)
    Sakura (saw-kruh; cherry blossom- very popular in Japan)
    Mio (blossom)
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