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Thread: Pre-seed

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    I have used it the last two cycles and we conceived this cycle.

    I really feel like if you're gonna spend the money on a $20 lubricant, use the applicator and make sure it gets up there closer to the cervix. Just using it externally, enough of the lubricant may not get in there where it's really needed to nourish and protect the sperm and help them move towards victory.

    I have been on Clomid for three cycles which can be drying so the Preseed was welcome. I have never had a dryness problem but it ain't that fun.

    As for the awkwardness, well, it's baby making sex. So you just kind of laugh about it and move on. My husband is weird in that fertility stuff turns him on. Lucky me! (Except for my insane Clomid mood swings. Not a turn-on.)

    I did use less than the recommended 2 MLs or CCs or whatever. I used about 1 to 1.5 and applied just a smidge externally as well. It lasted two cycles for us and I think there is still a bit left in the tube, tho we did run out of applicators.
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