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Thread: Forrest & ???

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    Forrest & ???

    Hi berries!

    I need your help. I have always said that my first son will be Forrest, after my dad. It's a special name to me and I would love to use it. My only concern with this name is the Forrest Gump connotation. I just don't want to open him up to any unnecessary teasing.

    I also need some help coming up with a name for Forrest's siblings. I love Phineas for a boy, but am afraid Forrest & Phineas are too close in sound. He would be Phineas the majority of the time, but could we shorten it to Finn .. is it strange to have a nickname that starts with a different letter than your given name? Do you have any other suggestions for boy names that go well with Forrest?

    For a girl, I love Eleanor, but hate Ellie (for us). I do love Nell, Nellie, and Nor, however. Do you have any other suggestions for girl names that go well with Forrest?

    Thanks so much for your honest opinions


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    Forrest Gump came out in like 1994. Doubt many kids being born in this day and age will know about it. Most kids will probably think of "the woods" when they hear Forrest. Besides, I don't think there is anything negative about Forrest Gump. He was a pretty cool character.

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    Thank you! I'm glad to hear that Forrest Gump shouldn't be that big of an issue

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    I also don't think Forrest Gump would be a big issue. I know a number of Forrests, and everyone always commented on how great their name is...
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    I love the name Forrest, and I wouldn't immediately make the Gump connection. I can see some "Run, Forrest" comments if he ends up running track or cross country some day, but I really doubt that 7 year olds today, for example, would even know about Forest Gump.

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