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    I just thought of Ismeria Daphne Hypatia, and figured it would be perfect for you! Good luck!

    Ooh, and how about Azar Morgana Klytie? Or Morgana Klytie Azar?
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    I'm glad you like my combos. I think we like Noor on the end because it's a. a beautiful name and b. the only single syllable name on your list. It's a flow thing, I think. Belphoebe Iris Noor was my other favorite combo. I figured that since you like the Pre-Raphaelites, you might also be into Art Nouveau and there's something really Art Nouveau-ish about that combo, I think. Maybe it's the Iris? There's a lot of Irises in Nouveau motifs. It also makes me think of dusky twilight colors like aubergine, mauve, cerulean and deep greens and inky blacks.
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    I like Eulalia best! It seems so feminine, with visions of music and lilies.

    Eulalia Chloe would be gorgeous.
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    Namelover; Ismeria Daphne Hypatia is very pretty, thank you!

    Rosey; you are so right! One syllable wonder, that one is. Belphoebe Iris Noor is indeed very Art Nouveau-ish. I do love Art Nouveau, one of my favourite art movements. I'm especially drawn to Klimt and Mucha... beautiful beautiful stuff. Iris is a stunning little name, I really want to use it.

    Alphabethdem; beautiful little combos, I like Eulalia Iris a lot.

    Closing the thread now, husband made me a list yesterday and we've managed to make a list of names we both like. But I will start a new thread for that one, you have all been very helpful and brought a lot of thoughts and wonderful ideas to the table! Thank you all so much, again!
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