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    Sorry I haven't gotten back here in a few days, I've had a busy week. Anyways, I've read through your thoughtful and generous replies, and I'm ready to comment. I'm not feeling so great, so I'll only comment on suggestions and actual questions, I'll do a big group thanks to the rest of you!

    JTucker, Tori, Sarah, Lindsey, Lixginger, Pardalote; thank you all so much!!!

    Emmsie; haha, you know, my man brought up Attila the other day! Garland is very gorgeous, I think I'd rather have it for a girl though... maybe. I don't know, you know, I think of Judy and this gorgeous Tori Amos song I love so much... feels feminine to me.

    Mary; thanks! Titania Selene Fiammetta is very pretty, but unfortunately it's a conflict in imagery for me. Beautiful though!

    Sansa; oh, those are lovely! My favourites would have to be Callisto Loveday Noor, Eulalia Isis Endellion, Fiammetta Charis Ophelia, Melpomene Isis Endellion and Zenobia Signe Ophelia. Thank you!

    Leona; not going to turn this into a discussion about dolphins, but they are freaky. Aphrodite not, she wasn't a crazy rapist slut, she was free and made her own decisions.

    Bouncparty; Amoret would be a-mawr-ett. Odessa, Thalia and Melisande are all beauties, have been considered and dropped before... Calliope I love, but I like Callisto even more. Thanks though!

    Averella; I did, didn't I? Ceridwen is definitely one of my very favourites. You've got some gorgeous combos there; I really like Ceridwen Elbereth Noor (very frozen and shimmery), Fiammetta Cissea Giselle and Zenobia Circe Celeste. Thank you!

    Tigerlily; apparently the Starbucks logo is Melusine. I never drink coffee at Starbucks, so I don't really care, but I don't want other people to have that association. You've got some lovely combos there, Gwenllian Arcadia Eos and Morgana Olwen Yvaine strikes me as particularly beautiful. Thanks!

    Whirlie; thank you! Little sweets, did you look at an old list of mine? Cause Illyria wasn't mentioned here, and it is indeed one of Dita's middles. I do love Myfanwy though, thanks for bringing that one up! Hope your exams went well!

    Niamh!!; thank you! I'm so happy about the top 5 you picked out... combos I love: Ceridwen Circe Melpomene, Ceridwen Isis Tinuviel, Circe Galadriel Morgana (triple sorceress-power!!) and Liriope Arcadia Signe. Just gorgeous!

    Javad mr Man; Thank you for commenting on your favourites! That's very helpful, I love hearing what other intelligent people think. I'm wondering (after a few comments about Boudicca and bodacious) if American's pronounce Boudicca differently than Brits? We say BOO-di-kuh. I'm starting to come around to Genevieve, but it still feels to tragic and watery to me. Not enough strength in the name. I like your combos, especially Xenia Endellion Iris! And I love that you knew a Xenia, that makes me feel better about the world. It's an amazing name.

    Clocktower; I really like Leontine (or Leontyne), and I used to have it on my list. Will add it back, it is wonderful.

    Tuitree; thank you! And you are right, Roo won't remember it being only her. It will be weird, but I'm sure it will be great too. I like Melusine Godiva Noor and Morgana Iris Noor very much. Thanks!!

    So my beloved as made me a list of names he likes waaay sooner than he said he would which makes me happy. He hasn't showed it to me yet, but when he does we'll compare our fancies and foes, and I'll let you know! If anyone else has suggestions or comments, please share!
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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