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    Actually i'm pretty sure that the Dolphin is a common symbol of Aphrodite.
    Excludes my top 7 girls and top 7 boys names.

    girls reserve list - Lucia(loo-see-a) - Orla -Kitty (katherine) - Iris - Celia - Ilona(ee-low-na)

    boys RL - Caspar - Tristan - Rowan - Charles (not charlie)

    Note: Official names in brackets and they are just that 'official'.

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    Hespera Cyrene
    Hespera Loveday

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    Awesome list Ottilie (of course)! Can't wait to see how this naming process develops. Congrats on the second little one!

    My favorites from your FN list (that also work with Aphrodite) are:

    Amarantha - I think this would work great, unless the two 'A' names is an issue for you. It has the same kind of cadence as Aph, but is a very different name. It also has a kind of underlying strength to it, the same way Aph does.

    Callisto- I do prefer it with an 'a' at the end though.

    Ceridwen- This would be a gorgeous choice with Aph, but it is another mythology one. But it's not Greek, so it feels less 'themey' than if you went in the Greek myth direction.

    Circe- I know how much you love this name. And though I wouldn't personally suggest going in the direction of Greek mythological names so soon after Aph, if you really wanted a Greek myth name, this would be the one to go with I think.

    Eulalia- This has a very different feel than Aph. It sounds a lot more princessy and flowery. Less strength than Aph. But it is a very distinct name in itself, and could work quite well. I'm actually a little surprised you like it so much, doesn't quite seem your style to me (and it doesn't quite seem to fit my style either, yet I also really like it).

    Melusine- There's something about this name that just sounds like the right name to choose. I don't know why. I don't know anything about this name. But, to me, it just feels like it should be the name you choose.

    Morgana- I like this name, and think it has some qualities that match up quite well with Aph. It's a very magical name.

    Oriana- This is one of my favorite names. I think it'd be a great choice. It's got a quiet strength to it that allows it to stand up next to Aph well.

    Xenia- It would be a bit Greek themey, but I just think this name is fantastic. I had a friend in college with this name, and always thought it was stellar.

    On the fence about:
    Amoret- It's nice, but not great with Aph. Also a bit too 'word' sounding to me (amor).
    Fiammetta- This one is new to me, and I think it could really grow on me. If I let it sit a bit, it might move up to the above category.
    Genoveva- I think I prefer the sound of Genevive (sp?), but this is nice too.
    Lyonesse- Has an inner-strength which I really appreciate.
    Tanaquil- I really want to live this name more, but I can only like it a moderate amount.

    Don't like so much (Many of these I might have different opinions on if I knew more about them, but my first impression is not wonderful):
    Atalanta- Sounds like a strange version of Atlanta.
    Boudicca- sounds too much like bodacious
    Godiva- Feels weird next to Aphrodite to me.
    Messalina- Sounds/looks like Alina's mess.
    Niniane- Maybe I'm pronouncing it wrong, but it almost sounds like it should be a dirty word.
    Olympia- I like it, but not with Aphrodite. Way too Greek themey.
    Pandora- Not with Aphrodite.
    Polyhymnia- Weird.
    Roxana- Doesn't feel significant enough to stand next to Aph.
    Selene- Same as above.
    Titania- Wouldn't wanna start a name with 'tit'
    Zenobia- Sounds like some sort of phobia.

    And for MNs, my favorite non-normal options are:

    And my favorite more-normal kind of options are:

    Some combos:
    Melusine Sylvia Eos
    Melusine Giselle Vashti
    Oriana Celeste Nur/Noor
    Xenia Endellion Iris
    Morgana Celeste Nephele
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    Updated Name List- Vote away...

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    I have more suggestions.

    In the book Decameron, there are seven girls and three boys who tell stories to readers. Their names were Lauretta, Elissa, Fiammetta, Philomena, Emilia, Pampinea and Neifile. I suggest all these names.
    I also really like Leontine and I add this name on my list, along with Arcadia.
    I suggest Margery, medieval version of Margaret, Maerwynn, Aleida, Rohese, Avice, Claremonde, Helisent, Mirielis, Freyja, Leda, Leta...
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Congratulations on number 2... We had hoped to have 2 very close together but our little Bug is 9mnths and still no magic... Yet...
    It will be a busy few years for you but I think two babies close together has more pros than cons. Roo will not be old enough to get jealous or possessive of a newbee, and together they will have a life time of fond memories. Anyways back to the business at hand. Names!
    Aphrodite and:

    Melusine Godiva Noor
    Melusine Lyra Celeste
    Melusine Sylvia Amoret
    Melusine Yvaine Lior
    Melusine Ceridwen Noor
    Morgana Selena Bastet
    Morgana Iris Noor
    Tanaquil Isis Selene
    Tanaquil Loveday
    Tanaquil Yvaine Amore

    I like Melusine best with Aphrodite.
    Good luck!

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