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    Ceridwen! Ceridwen! Ceridwen! When naming Roo you said you were saving Ceridwen for a winter baby, well winter baby is on her way, so if baba's a girl she should definantly be Ceridwen!

    Some Ceridwen combos
    Ceridwen Circe Morgana
    Ceridwen Circe Aradia
    Ceridwen Giselle Cissea
    Ceridwen Zepherine Celeste
    Ceridwen Daphne Clenency
    Ceridwen Elbereth Noor

    I narrowed it down to my favorite five of your names. The other 4 are (in no perticular order);

    Fiammetta combos
    Fiametta Morgana Circe (I really like Circe and Morgana togeather, can you tell?)
    Fiametta Daphne Celeste
    Fiametta Cissea Giselle
    Fiametta Sybilla Eirene
    Fiametta Vashti Eirene

    Hespera combos (possibly my second favorite on your list, just not sure if I like it for Aphrodite's sister)
    Hepera Giselle Celeste
    Hesper Circe Nephele
    Hespera Iris Noor
    Hespera Chloe Cissea
    Hepera Daphne Cyrene

    Melusine (nn Lu?) combos
    Melusine Daphne Eirene
    Melusine Morgana Celeste
    Melusine Blodwen Celeste
    Melusine Elbereth Circe
    Melusine Cissea Yvaine

    Zenobia combos
    Zenobia Alcyone Blodwen
    Zenobia Circe Celeste
    Zenobia Charis Celeste
    Zenobia Daphne Eirene
    Zenobia Chloe Cissea
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    Wow! Your choices are so adventurous, magical and beautiful! It's going to be quite difficult to pare down this list. I'll do what some pp's did: give a list of the firsts and middles that I like the most, and give veto points to some of the names.

    Firsts I Love:

    I do agree that you need to tread carefully; with a sister named for the goddess of love and beauty, you don't want a name that falls short! With Aphrodite as a sibling, my top five are (in no particular order): Oriana, Atalanta, Fiammetta, Gwenllian, and Melusine (though I heard a mention of Starbucks with this name - not sure what that's about)

    Middles I'd Veto:
    Blodwen (if I'm pronouncing this right, I really dislike the sound)
    Idony/Idunn (same with this one)
    Ursaly (prefer Ursula)
    Villanelle (sounds like villain to me)

    My favorites from your middle list are Alcyone, Eira, Phoebe, Iris, Thalia, Lyra, Ophelia, Arcadia and Eos, but I really like a lot of them!

    I'll try my hand at some combos, but I'm not very good and I'm new to this!
    Oriana Eos Nephele
    Atalanta Lisanor Iris
    Gwenllian Arcadia Eos
    Roxana Clemency Eirene
    Ceridwen Phoebe Selene (moving Selene)/ Ceridwen Ophelia Selene
    Zenobia Belphoebe Celeste
    Morgana Olwen Yvaine
    Callisto Endellion Lyra
    Genoveva Elbereth Eirene
    Liriope Thalia Celeste

    Sorry for writing you a novel! Hopefully some of that was helpful

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    Oowf! That's a long list! My favorites:


    I like Aracadia, Celeste, Lyra, Noor as middle names.

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    Ah and once again the lovely British government has spoilt my whole naming life-this time with exams...and exams...and even more exams so I yes I of name-nerdiness have to miss out on all the fun. I haven't really been on nb eeeeek I miss it soooooo much.

    OK business:

    1. Congratulations
    2. Criticisms of your top 5:

    Belpheobe-gorgeous and sea urchin on a tropical island feel. Doesn't make a that great sibset with Roo.
    Ceridwen-Lovely. I think Welsh names will be great for you as they aren't greek godesses but they still have that magical quality.
    Hespera-Purpley, pink, flowers. It does remind me of despair though.
    Illyria-Hmmm...I thought this was Roo's middle name? Have I missed something?
    Tinuviel-Reminds me of Cornwall with rocky cliffs, sea plants and castles. Also reminds me of an ear for some odd reason.

    3. I think you should use Pearl as a middle name. If Roo2 is being born in February then this would be a great choice as in Finland february is the month of the Pearl.

    4. Other names you should consider (firsts or middles):

    Ophelia-I LOVE this with Aphrodite
    Myfawny-As a middle
    Iola-Short, Celtic but magical
    Anenome-As a middle

    5. Some random combos I made in my break:

    Ceridwen Mimosa Fawn-So welsh fairy forest
    Illyria Myfawny Pearl
    Iola Ninane Pearl

    I will think of more when I am sailing tonight.

    6. Off your other list I like:


    7. I think you should avoid -ee endings ( but that is just personal style as I dislike matchy endings)

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    niamhethna Guest
    First of all, Congrats!! Super happy for you!

    Of course, I love your first list, i'm sure you'll find new names in the coming months, but this is a wonderful start!
    This is my top five and reasons:
    1. Belpheobe ... Loved loved loved since you first mentioned it on one of your past posts, so pretty and i think it fits in with what people consider 'normal' because of the Belle and Pheobe sounds, but still stands out.
    2. Ceridwen ... Think this is perfect for your winter baby! so snowy and magical, plus goes with so many of my favourite choices for middles!
    3. Circe ... pretty much the same reasons as i like Ceridwen, whimsical in a witchy kind of way. Reminds me of Game of Thrones, though they spell it Cersei. Much prefer the original spelling.
    4. Liriope ... Never heard this before, but as soon as i saw it i loved it! Not conventionally pretty but so mystical, makes me think of someone who would be sorted into Slytherin at Hogwarts! In good way, myself being a Slytherin.
    5. Melpomene ... Just rolls off the tongue so sweetly and satisfyingly, I could say this all day. Like a poem in itself. Magical!

    Made up some random, not-really-thought-out combo's here for fun:

    Belphoebe Isis Florimell
    Belphoebe Endellion Chloe
    Belphoebe Tinuviel Zenobia

    Ceridwen Circe Melpomene < FAVE
    Ceridwen Circe Winsome
    Ceridwen Morgana Signe
    Ceridwen Isis Tinuviel

    Circe Galadriel Morgana
    Circe Endellion Daphne
    Circe Titania Winsome

    Liriope Celeste Arcadia
    Liriope Florimell Ariadne
    Liriope Isis Epipole
    Liriope Arcadia Signe

    Melpomene Isis Arcadia
    Melpomene Titania Eira
    Melpomene Callisto Eira

    Good luck Ottilie, and I look forward to another naming journey!!

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