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    Ceridwen! Ceridwen! Ceridwen! When naming Roo you said you were saving Ceridwen for a winter baby, well winter baby is on her way, so if baba's a girl she should definantly be Ceridwen!

    Some Ceridwen combos
    Ceridwen Circe Morgana
    Ceridwen Circe Aradia
    Ceridwen Giselle Cissea
    Ceridwen Zepherine Celeste
    Ceridwen Daphne Clenency
    Ceridwen Elbereth Noor

    I narrowed it down to my favorite five of your names. The other 4 are (in no perticular order);

    Fiammetta combos
    Fiametta Morgana Circe (I really like Circe and Morgana togeather, can you tell?)
    Fiametta Daphne Celeste
    Fiametta Cissea Giselle
    Fiametta Sybilla Eirene
    Fiametta Vashti Eirene

    Hespera combos (possibly my second favorite on your list, just not sure if I like it for Aphrodite's sister)
    Hepera Giselle Celeste
    Hesper Circe Nephele
    Hespera Iris Noor
    Hespera Chloe Cissea
    Hepera Daphne Cyrene

    Melusine (nn Lu?) combos
    Melusine Daphne Eirene
    Melusine Morgana Celeste
    Melusine Blodwen Celeste
    Melusine Elbereth Circe
    Melusine Cissea Yvaine

    Zenobia combos
    Zenobia Alcyone Blodwen
    Zenobia Circe Celeste
    Zenobia Charis Celeste
    Zenobia Daphne Eirene
    Zenobia Chloe Cissea
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