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    Congratulations, I'm sure your life will be a bit hectic but you will enjoy it! To match big sister Aphrodite's name, I really like Olympia or Titania. For middle names, if depends on Aphrodite's middles, really. Giselle and Daphne could work. You know, Olympia Daphne Giselle, or Titania Daphne Giselle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theclocktowerofjoy View Post
    I am glad you like Melusine Charis Celeste, ottilie! It was long afternoon (bit bored), and I will give you more suggestions...

    Melusine Arcadia Daphne
    Callisto Morgana Isis
    Amoret Olympia Giselle
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Aphrodite and Thalia are nice together.
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    First, congratulations! I'm sure little Roo will love having a younger brother/sister! {you're still calling her Roo, right? I hope so haha}.

    With Aphrodite, I like these as sister names:
    Hespera {probably my favourite}

    I like Belphoebe too, but I'm not sure about how they both end in the -ee sound... Maybe as a middle?

    Combination ideas:
    Ceridwen Phoebe Noor
    Ceridwen Ophelia Iris
    Eulalia Clemency Iris
    Eulalia Nephele Iris
    Hespera Belphoebe Eira
    Hespera Niniane Chloe
    Morgana Lyra Zephyrine {LOVE Zephyrine so much!!}
    Morgana Circe Olwen
    Titania Daphne Lyra
    Titania Noor Endellion

    Can't wait to see what you choose!

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    Ugh, I am late as usual. Anyway, what a lovely list. My absolute favorites are Atalanta, Eulalia, Gwenllian(just perfection), Hespera, Melusine, Olympia, Oriana, Pandora, Tanaquil and Xenia. I think I prefer Gwenllian, Hespera, Olympia and Xenia to match with big sis.
    I feel up in the air seeing Loveday on your middle name list - what a sweet name, really! I also adore Sybilla and love the Oscar Wilde connection.
    I will try and do some combos though I am not sure how to deal with that perfect names
    So Aphrodite Marian Illyria and sister
    Atalanta Blodwen Endellion (I suppose Blodwen is normal enough, isn't it)
    Atalanta Eos Zephyrine
    Belphoebe Iris/Isis Villanelle
    Circe Arcadina Elbereth (I know you had Arcadia on your list but maybe you will also like Arcadina? I just think it fits here better.)
    Eulalia Tinuviel Noor
    Euphrosyne Eira Giselle (I am surprised to see Euphrosyne here, it's kind of "old-lady" in Ukraine but still pretty)
    Genoveva Ophelia Alcyone
    Gwenllian Zenobia Circe (I know I used some of your first names for middles but I like the flow much)
    Gwenllian Phoebe Yvaine
    Hespera Vashti Lisanor
    Melpomene Eira Bastet
    Melusine Sybilla Chione
    Niniane Daphne Loveday
    Olympia Idony Tinuviel (you know Olympia is on my list too, so beautiful and royal)
    Oriana Chloe Berenice (this one looks even too normal, ha ha)
    Pandora Clemency Argante
    Tanaquil Ophelia Charis
    Xenia Lyra Zephyrine
    Xenia Cyrene Giselle

    Honestly, I think Polyhymnia and Titania from your list are quite tricky. I guess child may have troubles with spelling Polyhymnia and I am just not sure about using name with the word "tit" in it(okay, it says mom of the girl whose name contains the word "corn").
    While looking through your list, Terpsichore, Euphemia, Artemis and Ercilia came to mind. Obviously, you have enough names but just so you know.

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