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    Wow! I agree the boys list is awesome. I like loads on there but with a name like Aphrodite you need something stunning but strong, and I agree with blade about avoiding Greek myth names. So playing with the ones that I think work with little Aphrodite (Dita / Roo):

    Auberon Lucius Thor
    Casimir Faramond Bors
    Casimir Antony Hugh
    Casimir Tiberius Altair (no normal name but)
    Casimir Gareth Altair
    Casimir Tiberius Hugh
    Isadore Perseus Faramond
    Isadore Roderick Bors
    Isadore cyrus Hadrian
    Leonidas Ivo Gawain
    Leonidas Talisin Gawain
    Rainier sylvan Hugh
    Rainier Odin Isadore
    Love Gawain Perseus Robin but don't know that Gawain has the oomph of Aphrodite. My choice with Aphrodite is Casimir, its unexpected but it works.

    Best of luck!

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    Sessha the Great?? Wow, I'm on track for some serious ego inflation at this rate!

    After some thought, I've bumped Roderick from my love list...there is a good amount of teasing potential, and I find that when I say Aphrodite and Roderick together, they clash somehow over the "rod" syllable.

    Like Javad, I've been compiling this post over several days, so it's going to be ridiculously long....

    Aurelian – ethereal, lofty…philosophy and northern lights, mysteries of the mind and sky, lavender and seafoam and silver
    Aurelian Gareth Osiris
    Aurelian Faulkner Antony
    Aurelian Ferdinand Lodestar
    Aurelian Hugh Tiberius
    Aurelian Iorek Orion

    Casimir – smooth, sophisticated…foamy lattes, denim and woolen scarves and cable-knit sweaters, 5 o'clock shadow on a rugged jawline, ivory and oatmeal and rich cream
    Casimir Iorek Sebastian
    Casimir Antony Ranulph
    Casimir Basil Tiberius
    Casimir Hugh Faulkner
    Casimir Xavier Damon

    Endymion – gentle, dreamy…dandelion fluff wishes and hazy visions under a sky splayed wide with stars. midnight blues, silver, white
    Endymion Oliver – love this. Endymion Oliver Shasta, Endymion Oliver Robin, Endymion Oliver Iorek, Endymion Oliver Lorien, etc etc etc
    Endymion Gareth Taliesin
    Endymion Valemon Iorek (redundant?)
    Endymion Robin Osiris
    Endymion Altair Robin

    and because I can't resist pulling in a few of the FN options:

    Endymion Lucius Rainier
    Endymion Sylvan Rainier
    Endymion Sylvan Aurelius
    Endymion Oliver Auberon

    Evander – dashing, lively…Green Jack and Shakespearean theatre troupes, chocolate and camel and forest green, complete with an elven bow
    Evander Basil Tiberius
    Evander Sebastian Ranulph
    Evander Perseus Robin
    Evander Antony Damon
    Evander Lorien Oliver
    Evander Taliesin Hugh
    Evander Odin Sebastian

    Herne – quiet, keen…antlers and feathers, forests wreathed in mist, glass-like pools guarded by stately blue herons, stormy blues and gossamer greys.
    Herne Antony Faulkner
    Herne Tiberius Gareth
    Herne Taliesin Shasta
    Herne Basil Osiris
    Herne Altair Lorien
    Herne Sebastian Lodestar
    Herne Orion Ranulph

    Leonidas – primal, fearless…gladiators and gleaming bronze skin and pent-up roars of defiance, warm metallic colors like copper and bronze and gold
    Leonidas Xavier Dragan
    Leonidas Xavier Damon
    Leonidas Odin Bayard
    Leonidas Sebastian Thor
    Leonidas Antony Tiberius

    Lucius – mysterious, potent, the male Morgana…cloaks and raven feathers, inkwell eyes full of latent magic and the soft light of knowing, purples and shadowy blacks and the holy white of halos.
    Lucius Damon – These two are perfect together. Lucius Damon Altair, Lucius Damon Ranulph, Lucius Damon Osiris, etc.
    Lucius Sylvan Orion
    Lucius Antony Morgan (couldn't resist)
    Lucius Xavier Dragan
    Lucius Gareth Sebastian or Lucius Odin Sebastian
    Lucius Robin Osiris

    Orpheus – poetic, melancholy…haunting melodies in A- and E- minor, the smoky haze of a lucid dream, half-formed words and shifting shapes, lots of swirling pastels.
    Orpheus Damon Osiris
    Orpheus Gareth Taliesin
    Orpheus Lorien Shasta
    Orpheus Altair Sebastian
    Orpheus Xavier Lodestar
    Orpheus Damon Ranulph

    Ptolemy – quirky, intelligent…owls and horn-rimmed glasses, rustic libraries cascading with books, rich loamy brown and clean crisp grey
    Ptolemy Ferdinand Odin
    Ptolemy Valemon Lodestar
    Ptolemy Faulkner Osiris
    Ptolemy Perseus Robin
    Ptolemy Iorek Osiris
    Ptolemy Lorien Shasta
    Ptolemy Basil Orion

    Rainier – wild, solemn…the mountain in all its craggy snow-capped grandeur, sheets of cleansing rain and the dense green undergrowth it nourishes. earthy grey, emerald green, and pure white.
    Rainier Taliesin Iorek
    Rainier Lorien Altair
    Rainier Tiberius Odin
    Rainier Dragan Osiris
    Rainier Valemon Basil
    Rainier Sebastian Lodestar

    Sylvan – wise, playful…dignified druids and dancing dryads, and above all, acres and acres of lush, mysterious, majestic, overgrown forests. every shade of green.
    Sylvan Oliver Grenfell
    Sylvan Lorien Shasta
    Sylvan Orion Lodestar
    Sylvan Taliesin Iorek
    Sylvan Altair Robin
    Sylvan Tiberius Ranulph
    Sylvan Osiris Valemon

    And from the first name pool…
    Sylvan Lucius Rainier
    Zion Nathaniel ~ Solomon Fable ~ Balthazar Wolf ~ Malachi Sparrow nn Kai ~ Tobias Rowan ~ Caspian _____
    Alice Willow ~ Ophelia Wren ~ Juliet Snow ~ Lucia Pearl ~ Eve Wisteria nn Evie ~ Cosima Rose ~ River Seraphine ~ Elowen Briar

    Narnia Rose, Astoria nn Story, Illyria, Serafina, Soraya, Faerydae
    Orion Melchior North, Tobias Loki, Edmund, Frost, Oberon, Kenshin, Remiel, Atreyu

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    Same as my girls one; I'm not feeling well so will only give feedback where feedback is needed, the rest; blanket thanks:

    Cannebella, JTucker, Claire Elise, Sarah (thanks for the divide, again!),

    Mary; thank you, I like Hector Aurelian Idris very much.

    Reverie; I know, it's a balancing act. Not too fancy, but not too common either. Difficult... HE brought up Xerxes and Attila the other day, can you imagine? You've got some great combos there; Auberon Ivo Calidore, Casimir Perseus Gawain, Hadrian Lucius Evander... swoon!!! Thank you, doll!!

    Javad; Holy Moses, you are so awesome! I want to fly to China and give you a hug! It's wonderful to get concrete feedback on my names from a smarty like you. Thank you! I don't care about repeating first letters, I'll never use their initials to mark things anyway. I do like Oberon too, but in some way it feels more bear like and less faerie-esque to me. And I love my faeries... You are right about so many of the names, hopefully hubs will have some good suggestions for the list. He's going to show me when Roo's in bed, she's had a long exciting day today, so stayed up late! I like Hugo better on it's own too, but Hugh has a certain Britishness, and the one syllable thing does come in handy. I love these combos: Rainier Calidore Hugh, Lucius Evander Hugh and Leonidad Bayard Calidore. All are gorgeous though, thank you so much! And, haha, yeah, it was long, the three day wait was perfectly reasonable! Thanks for taking the time!

    Clocktower; Amaury is spectacular, I really love it, and Melchior is cool. Not sure the daddy will be convince though...

    Tuitree; thank you! I'm not ready to cut all Greek myth names, they mean too much to me, but I see what you mean. Of your combos I like Auberon Lucius Thor, Casimir Antony Hugh, Leonidas Ivo Gawain and Rainier Sylvan Hugh. Thanks so much!

    My darling Sessha; yes, you are great. I am going to have a t-shirt (oh, who am kidding? An awesome gossamer Naiadesque faerie dress) embroidered with Sessha the Great on it, and send it to Oregon. Just keep an eye out for it . Yesh, Rod is off my list too. I just can't imagine it. Our feminine little blonde innocent faery lad named Roderick? Yup, not going to happen. Oh, combos! I love all of them, of course I do, but I am going to pick my very favourite from each of these: Aurelian Gareth Osiris, Casimir Xavier Damon, Endymion Oliver Robin/Lorien, Evander Perseus Robin, Herne Orion Ranulph, Leonidas Xavier Dragan, Lucius Damon Altair (!!!!!!!!), Orpheus Xavier Lodestar, Ptolemy Basil Orion, Rainier Dragan Osiris and Sylvan Oliver Grenfell. All makes me swoon here I sit curled up in bed. Little precious gems. Love, I would hug you if I could! Thank you so much, and let's hope my whole list won't be vetoed tonight.

    Yes, we're comparing lists while drinking herbal tea suitable for pregnant ladies and their compassionate husbands tonight. So I'll get back to you when the lists have melted into one we can agree on. In the meantime, if anyone has more comments or suggestions, come, join in.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Auberon I prefer Oberon as it's the Shakespearian spelling, and it would avoid doubling up on the A- names.
    Aurelian I've loved Aurelia for so long that I never thought I'd love the male version but I was wrong. Very stunning. However, I think it's so much softer than Ditaroo's name that it would feel a little weak.
    Casimir I always hear Cashmere and that bugs me. It's too Teen-Mom.
    Cyrus Too obviously greek.
    Endymion Ooo, this is such a great name. I love the mystery behind this dark-horse of a name – it's sexy and striking.
    Evander I love this as a “normal” name for you.
    Faramond – This would be so handsome in your sib-set. Where Ditaroo's name is a bit flamboyant, Faramond is quite and strong and sneaks up on you a bit.
    Gawain I adore Gawain. I always have for you. I think this would be a really great match with Ditaroo's name.
    Hadrian It's just missing the special something to me.
    Hector I love this name. It's a bit too greek-hero considering Roo's name.
    Herne I still don't think this is the perfect name.
    Isidore I think the average bear wouldn't know this is a man's name and I foresee that being rather difficult for your kiddo in the future. Maybe as a mn?
    Laszlo It just doesn't feel right. Can't put my finger on why.
    Leonidas very handsome. But once again, so greek. This would be a great mn option.
    Lothair – I prefer the simpler Lothar but Lothair is great and
    Lucius I love this. Would be a great “normal” name for you guys.
    Orpheus Like you I adore this. But, it's so obviously greek I'd reserve it for a mn.
    Perseus - Like you I adore this. But, it's so obviously greek I'd reserve it for a mn.
    Ptolemy I like this for the Otter-fam. You guys already have a kid with an interesting name, I think this would be a wonderful match. I don't find this one so obviously greek in origin that I think it could work.
    Rainier Strong and handsome. I like this one.
    RoderickHonestly I just hear rod and dick when people say this name.
    Romulus This one's new right? I think it has such great imagery that I really think you might have a winner here.
    Sylvan I like Sylvan but it feels like Aurelian it's a little too soft next too Ditaroo.

    Oberon Sebastian Thor
    Auberon Leonidas Altair
    Endymion Lodestar Tiberius
    Gawain Odin Evander
    Ptolemy Ferdinand Gareth
    Romulus Cato Bayard

    Other suggestions: Bellamy. I just went to an exhibit on the Pirate-ship Whydah and her Cpt Sam Bellamy. (Apparently he became a sailor so he could win his gf's hand in marriage). The mix of rugged-bad-ass and tragic-romantic just made the name Bellamy an awesome boys name in my opinion.
    Little Lorelei - May 2016
    Endora - Freya - Merida - Viola - Zelda
    Dexter - Felix - Gideon - Hendrik - Victor
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    Oh I didn't mean to suggest all Greek myth names be eliminated. I just think 2 children with first names from Greek myth make them more like a theme and they loose some of their wow factor.
    Aphrodite and Perseus or Orpheus doesn't seem as fantastically amazing and Aphrodite and Casimir or Aphrodite and Oberon.
    But then I have to back track and say I think Xerxes is amazing (does that count as Greek or Persian)?
    Anyways you have ages to play play and play some more (yay).
    Looking forward to seeing the short lists.

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