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    Wow! I agree the boys list is awesome. I like loads on there but with a name like Aphrodite you need something stunning but strong, and I agree with blade about avoiding Greek myth names. So playing with the ones that I think work with little Aphrodite (Dita / Roo):

    Auberon Lucius Thor
    Casimir Faramond Bors
    Casimir Antony Hugh
    Casimir Tiberius Altair (no normal name but)
    Casimir Gareth Altair
    Casimir Tiberius Hugh
    Isadore Perseus Faramond
    Isadore Roderick Bors
    Isadore cyrus Hadrian
    Leonidas Ivo Gawain
    Leonidas Talisin Gawain
    Rainier sylvan Hugh
    Rainier Odin Isadore
    Love Gawain Perseus Robin but don't know that Gawain has the oomph of Aphrodite. My choice with Aphrodite is Casimir, its unexpected but it works.

    Best of luck!

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