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    My top three from your first name list, in this order are: Perseus, Gawain and Hadrian. I personally love the name Roderick, but it sounds a little harsher than the rest of your top choices. My attempt at a combo would be: Perseus Robin Ferdinand.

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    I love these names! I wish I was brave enough to use some of them. My favorite is definitely Leonidas, but Aurelian and Hadrian round out my top three.

    Aurelian Thor Idris
    Aurelian Lawrence Finvarra

    Hadrian Perseus Hugh
    Hadrian Ivo Altair

    Leonidas Antony Robin
    Leonidas Faulkner Arion

    Mummy to Rosalie Lyra (17.01.16)

    Favorites for Future Baby Bears:

    Eloise - Aurelia - Cecelia - Adelaide - Felicity
    Theodore - Oliver - Atticus - Silas - Wilder

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    Auberon -- Meh, prefer Oberon.
    Aurelian -- Too close to Aurelia.
    Casimir -- Cool.
    Cyrus -- I like.
    Endymion -- O_o Weird. Even compared to the rest of your list.
    Evander -- Cool, a bit to hipsterpop for me. Yeah, I just made up hipsterpop.
    Faramond --Naw, makes me think of Farah.
    Gawain -- Cool.
    Hadrian -- Interesting, I like. Trendy without being trendy.
    Hector -- Lovelovelovelovelove
    Herne -- Eh? How is this pronounced?
    Isidore -- I like Isadora on a girl, so I can't see this on a boy. :P
    Laszlo -- Meh.
    Leonidas -- Hehe, so much awesome in one name...
    Lothair -- Lost hair. That's all I can see. o_o
    Lucius -- Malfoy! YES.
    Orpheus -- Cool, but maybe a bit close to Orifice?
    Perseus -- Yes.
    Ptolemy -- Okay, I dislike silent Ps though. All I ever see is Pterodactyl.
    Rainier -- Like Mount Rainier. Like the one that exploded all over Seattle in the early eighties. Volcanoes are cool, I don't mind the reference too terribly.
    Roderick -- Makes me think of Matthew Broderick. Who is awesome.
    Romulus -- and Remus! Sorry, too many Latin classes...
    Sylvan -- Cool.

    Middle name only:
    Altair -- Meh. Stairs.
    Antony -- Nice.
    Arion -- Too hard to say.
    Basil -- Sounds like a butler name.
    Bayard -- Dog name (sorry everyone.)
    Bors -- Bores.
    Calidore -- hehe this is awesome.
    Cato -- like from Pink Panther?
    Damon -- haha kind of boring for you. I like it though.
    Dragan -- Just use Dragon. I mean... come on. I pronounce them exactly the same, at least.
    Eglamour -- ...What?
    Faulkner -- hehe YES.
    Ferdinand -- YES.
    Finvarra -- What?
    Gareth -- Love, prefer Garett though.
    Grenfell -- Fantasy book name?
    Hugh -- Love.
    Idris -- Iris?
    Ivo -- Meh.
    Lawrence -- Nice.
    Lodestar -- Cool.
    Lorien -- Lauren.
    Loxias -- Meh.
    Mordred -- MORDOR.
    Odin -- Yes.
    Oliver -- Yes.
    Osiris -- Okay.
    Perseus -- Cool.
    Ranulph -- Rudolph!
    Robin -- Love.
    Sebastian -- Love.
    Shasta -- Meh. Okay.
    Sigurd -- Gurd rhymes with turd. Sorry...
    Taliesin -- Talismen! Cool.
    Thor -- YES. My little brother is determined to use this as his hypothetical son's name.
    Tiberius -- Yes.
    Tresillian -- Meh.
    Valemon -- Meh.
    Vladimir -- Yes.
    Xavier -- Okay, weirdly popular though. Stupid X-men...

    I make weird connections. Sorry... haha.

    So combos for you:

    Hadrian Thor
    Hector Gareth
    Leonidas Vladimir
    Perseus Ferdinand
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    These are also on my list so they get extra points for me. My nephews name is Robin and i think its adorable on a boy.
    Hector - now added


    Roderick Ivo Robin
    Perseus Taliesin Antony
    Laszlo Gareth Ranulph
    Evander Idris Robin
    Rainier Hugh Osiris

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