View Poll Results: What name do you like the best? Siblings are Simon, Olivia, and Daphne

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  • Arabella

    13 20.00%
  • Bianca

    27 41.54%
  • Nadia

    6 9.23%
  • Mila

    19 29.23%
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    I voted Nadia... Although after voting I see it is one of the underdogs, I think it is the most beautiful of your choices. IMO, It also goes very well with your sibset. My best friend has a neice named Nadia; she about 8 years old, so gorgeous, intelligent and very outgoing for her age. So, that's how I perceive the name Nadia. I think knowing someone with a name certainly influences your love of the name.
    ~Jackie Jordan~ a.k.a. ~ J.J.~

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    Arabella sounds juvenile next to daphne (Olivia ages better than Arabella as well), mila and Olivia are too similar in my opinion (just thinking of calling the name through the house). Bianca is nice, but I prefer nadia- even though it has the same 'ia' ending as Olivia, the other sounds are distinct enough to make them two individual names and not too similar.
    I had a boss named Nadia, and not the best association, but it doesn't sway my opinion, I like the name that much

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    I think Bianca is a great fit with your other children.

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    I voted for Nadia, but Bianca is nice too!

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    Thank you so much for your comments and for voting! It is very interesting to see what different opinions everyone has. I really hope that one of the names becomes "the name" sometime soon. Thanks again!

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