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    Every guy I've ever met loves Charlie for a girl! When my sister was expecting, my brother in law and dad were both pushing very hard for Charlie if she had girl. Personally, I can not stand that name!

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    My dad wanted to name me Babe and my brother Beauford. Luckily my mom said, "No!" LOLLLL. They did have a cat named Beauford though .

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    My husband likes:
    Girls names to be artsy word names. Raven, Luna, Indigo, Winter, Marigold, Saffron, Briar. The un-word names that get consideration are generally gothic and elaborate: Annabel, Lucasta, or Gaelic like Saoirse and Siobhan. He adores Siobhan and I don't know why.

    He really wants girls. For boys names it's mostly staid and traditional - Aidan, Isaac, Emmett, Sebastian, Jonathan, Owen. I don't hate all his boys OR all his girls but the two sets don't combine at all!

    My dad likes Naomi, which I can't use, but do like. He mostly suggests names to be funny rather than actually expecting or even wanting us to use them. Last one was Impala, as in the Chevrolet.

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    Some of my husband's favorites are Agatha, Elizabeth, Lydia, & Lyra. For boys he likes James, Thomas, Fox, Benjamin, Henry, & William. I actually like most of the names that he loves, but I find most of them a bit too boring to actually use.
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    I asked Chad (my boyfriend) this yesterday, although without thinking, I did alarm him a bit.

    Me: What names do you like?
    Chad: What do you mean?
    Me: What names do you like, you know, baby names?
    Chad: WHAT?!! Are you trying to tell me something?!
    Me: NO WAY - I'm just asking if it's something you've ever thought about - because there's a thread on Nameberry about it, what names the men in our lives like."
    Chad: Oh thank God for that!

    Anyway these were his answers:


    Ezekiel (purely for the nn Zeke, he thinks Zeke is "so cool")
    Sidney (as Sidney Crosby is his idol!)

    I'm pretty happy with most of them, so if he is who I end up having babies with, I'm kinda happy. He won't get to use Ruby and Chloe though, cannot stand them.
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