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    Baby # 6...need a classic with mn Elizabeth after stillborn

    I'm expecting my fifth girl (out of six) and stuck on names. Had I known I was going to have this many, I would have saved some middle names Please suggest some classic baby names, using the middle name Elizabeth after my stillborn, that go with my sibling set.
    My five are: Grace Catherine, Jack Emerson, Emma Caroline, Mary Clare & Elizabeth Marie.

    I like Charlotte, Audrey and Annabelle. I also like Margaret but don't know if that's too old school...we are Irish Catholic though! Thanks.

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    I love Margaret with nickname Maggie or Maisie! Charlotte, Audrey, and Annabelle are all beautiful too.

    Some other names that came to mind:
    Alice Elizabeth
    Kathleen Elizabeth
    Madeleine Elizabeth
    Sarah Elizabeth
    Beatrice Elizabeth
    Eleanor Elizabeth
    Hannah Elizabeth

    Hope that helps!
    Jane Elizabeth

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    Oops typo.....I meant to include Jane Elizabeth as one of the name suggestions. Sorry, I am typing this on my phone.

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    Hmm, this is hard as you've used so many lovely classics! I like your options, especially Audrey and Margaret (but I'm biased there).

    I'd also suggest a few more classics, such as: Eleanor, Jane, Victoria, Cora, or Helena.
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    Well I love Audrey, Charlotte and Margaret. I also like Annabelle....but "belle" names are so trendy right now that I'm afraid they might "date" themselves.

    As for other options

    -Madelyn Elizabeth
    -Sarah Elizabeth
    -Rachel Elizabeth
    -Alexandra Elizabeth
    -Julia Elizabeth
    -Natalie Elizabeth
    -Lydia Elizabeth
    -Lucy Elizabeth
    -Amelia Elizabeth

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