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    Delaney is adorable and soooooooo much better than Kennedy. I totally don't get the appeal of this name. It is uber trendy and already dated. I agree that Delaney Quinn flows very well. I also like Delaney Carys and Delaney Frances.

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    LOVE the choice of Delaney to go with Cassidy - such a great sounding sibset!

    From your list, I think Delaney Quinn sounds best, and I also like (and would have also suggested) Denalney Neve (I think Neve is a beautiful name), as is another of your choices, Carys.

    They are all great options.

    I think the number of syllables with the MN matters less after the child is born, as during her life she will really only be introduced by her first and last name - so go with what feels and fits best to you in terms of the actual FN and MN you end up choosing.

    Good luck and all the best!

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