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    I like Kennedy Frances "Brimer", or Delaney Carys "Brimer".
    I don't like Kennedy Carys (the hard k sound twice grates a bit.)

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    Delaney Autumn is my favorite from your list. I like the flow of one syllable names with your first name choice and last name. It is then 3-1-2 syllables. Also, it think Autumn is the most feminine one syllable name on your list.

    However, I think Delaney should have a simple clearly feminine middle name like her sister. I like:

    Delaney Rose, Delaney Joy, Delaney grace, Delaney Mae
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    I like the 3-1-2 count also and think Quinn is the best fit in terms of that though not my style. I like Delaney Autumn! So lovely.

    I also love Winter, Mahalia and Frances as names but don't feel they fit as well with Delaney.

    Delaney and Cassidy are very well suited I had no idea re Kennedy! Is your Cassidy curly haired?!

    Some other one syllable options could be


    Best to you

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    I think Delaney Sage, Delaney Frances, Delaney Nova and Delaney Carys are the only ones that sound okay. Of these, Sage is the one I would go with.

    Saoirse (pronounced Seer-sha) - Yeah, that's right. You need to clarify how it's pronounced. It's 'just' a middle name, but I wouldn't want to clarify the pronouncion of my childrens names all the time
    Mahalia - Sounds awkward with Delaney
    Quinn - only like it for a boy
    Liberty - sounds too rhymey with Delaney in my opinion
    Frances - Nothing wrong with this, just not my cup of tea
    Winter - I like Winter, but I don't think it sounds right with Delaney
    Autumn - Sounds awkward with Delaney
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    I love the name Delaney! Great choice!

    Delaney Carys is my favourite, but I also like Delaney Mahalia, Delaney Quinn, Delaney Saoirse and Delaney Frances! Good luck!
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