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Thread: WDYT of Clover?

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    I LOVE the name Clover!! One of my top faves for a long time. But there was no way of convincing my SO to actually use it. He thought it was "too hipster".
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    I like it in their middle spot, lively, fresh and sweet. I think it's a bit unusual to put on a grown woman in the first name spot.

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    I love Clover. I prefer it as a nickname but my husband hates it, too. He says it sounds like a cow's name. Have you seen the Good Shepherd? Angelina Jolie's character Margaret goes by Clover. I also am a big fan of Clover Adams (given name Marion), wife of Henry Adams. I've read a lot about her and when we're in DC we stay at the Hay-Adams, which used to be their home and is said to be haunted as she committed suicide. A tragic but fascinating person.
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    A fantastic middle name choice.

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    It is a sweet name. I'd love to meet a Clover.
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