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    Cross Cultural Names


    My husband and I are struggling to think of the perfect baby names for our baby due in October.
    Our surname is Patel and my husband is of Indian descent. I'm English of Irish/English descent. We would like something that doesn't sound odd with the surname Patel but isn't strictly Indian because we want to reflect a British heritage too, in some respect.
    We talked about Leo for a boy but it is too popular for us, and for girls we haven't been able to think of anything we remotely agree on at all, apart from Sierra, which we have considered because we had our honeymoon in Cuba.
    Hindi names that have a Western flavour would be ideal, or a Western name with a more exotic flavour.
    Any help much appreciated!


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    I'm not familiar with Hindu names but
    Jasmine or Yasmin was the first that came to mind for girls.
    Samara /Tamara

    (Boys were a lot harder)

    Good luck.

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    I used Behind the Name's database and came up with some interesting names:

    Aditi: boundless, entire or freedom, security
    Amala: clean, pure
    Ananda: happy, bliss
    Anjali: offering
    Ankita: marked
    Arya: honorable, noble (This is probably fits your criteria to the letter)
    Asha: wish, desire, hope
    Devi: goddess
    Indira: beautiful (Might be too literal, as it spells 'India' without the 'r')
    Kali: the black one
    Kamala: lotus or pale red
    Kiran: dust, thread or sunbeam (Might be too similar to the Irish male Kieran)
    Lavanya: beauty, grace
    Lila: play, amusement (Said lee-luh not Lie-luh)
    Lina: absorbed, united
    Mala: necklace
    Maya: illusion
    Mina: fish
    Mira: sea, ocean
    Rani: queen
    Riya/Ria: singer
    Sunita: well conducted, polite
    Tara: star

    Boys were harder:

    Ajit: invincible, he who has not been conquered
    Amar: immortal
    Arjun: white, clear
    Deo: god
    Dev: God
    Jai: Victory
    Kiran: dust, thread or sunbeam
    Lochan: the eye
    Raj: king, prince
    Ravi: sun
    Sanjay: Triumphant
    Sunil: very blue
    Vijay: victory
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    I am thinking short names with sounds used in both languages would work best.


    Alda, Ami, Ana, Bryn, Jayna, Lily, Lucia, Rita, Serena, Shayna, Tara


    Arlo, Brent, Jay, Lars, Milo, Neil, Owen, Piers, Van
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    My husband and I both just adore the name Arya that someone has suggested, it's the first one we have both really loved and I think we might be on to a winner there
    For a boy I think we have decided we will go for something distinctly Western/English. We have been talking about Arthur.

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