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    WDYT of these Harry Potter names

    I was rereading Harry Potter the other day and it came to my attention that the series actually holds some amazing, rarely used names (besides Harry and Ronald, those aren't rarely used).
    So WDYT of these HP names: (I'll give it a star rating of 1-10 based on how much I like it. You can do the same if you want.)
    Hermione: 9.5
    Minerva: 7
    Fleur: 8.5
    Ginerva aka Ginny: Don't like Ginerva (that gets a 3) but Ginny is okay (that gets a 5)
    Luna- 10
    Molly- 6
    Nymphadora (oh dear, this ought to get a bit interesting)- 2
    Bellatrix- 7.5
    Narcissa- 9 (I am not scared to admit I love this)
    Parvati- 4 (Sounds like poor-vati)

    Severus- 9
    Remus- 8
    Draco- 9
    Arthur- 4
    Ronald- 5
    Albus- 6
    Alastor- 5
    Filius (Filius Flitwick, the charms teacher)- 4.5
    Lucius- 9
    Viktor- 6 (not really fond of the spelling in HP)

    Your turn
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    Hermione: 8
    Minerva: 2
    Fleur: 8
    Ginerva aka Ginny: Don't like Ginerva (that gets a 1) but Ginny is nice (that gets a 8)
    Luna- 6
    Molly- 3
    Nymphadora - 7
    Bellatrix- 8
    Narcissa- 9
    Parvati- 2

    Severus- 5
    Remus- 8
    Draco- 9
    Arthur- 1
    Ronald- 1
    Albus- 1
    Alastor- 1
    filius- 1
    Lucius- 9
    Viktor- 1

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    The ones I love are:

    Hermione -- Again, Greek mythology before HP to me. I love it pronounced the Greek way (hair-me-OH-nee) but realize no one will ever say it that way thanks to these books :P It's very striking though
    Minerva -- This is a mythology be HP name to me as the Roman version of Athena. I think it's grown up and sophisticated with fun nicknames for a little girl.
    Luna -- I love this name more the more I see it. Very sort of ethereal feeling
    Bellatrix -- Love this but I think of constellations before HP. Bella and Trixie make it super accessible
    Narcissa -- Don't worry I love it too. I know one. She goes by Sissy. I think it's gorgeous

    Severus -- Even though it's sort of severe, I do love it
    Draco -- I love Drake on it's own, but do have a soft spot for Draco
    Arthur -- My grandfathers name and so regal
    Alastor -- Though I love it, when spelled this way, in Greek mythology, Alastor is the spirit if blood feuds and vengeance
    Lucius -- Gorgeous and so handsome! -- My Amazon Author Page

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