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Thread: Philadelphia?

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    Never thought of it as a name before but saw it in the list of Greek names and I kind of like it! I have lots of personal connections to the city (the one in the US) so it would have meaning for me. What do you guys think? Nickname ideas? Pippa maybe?
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    I'm not sure about it. Philly, Hila, Delphi, Phia, Adelle, Phidel..
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    I'm not in the camp that thinks 'meaning' trumps other factors. I think Philadelphia is an awful mouthful for either a boy or a girl. Sorry.

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    I think it's pretty but be wary as in the UK it's the leading brand of soft spreading cheese...

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    It's quite a mouthful, but not much more than Philomena (which I do prefer). I think it can work. The cream cheese connection would make it an unfortunate choice for a chunky girl. I think if you don't live near the city, cream cheese might come to mind for most people. Or the Tom Hanks film, which I have never seen, but I know it has to do with AIDS. I do think there's a lot of teasing potential.

    My best friend lives in Philly and it isn't a very beautiful place imo. And it is generally a lot of things most people find questionable, high crime rates, a lot of empty buildings & storefronts, ect.

    It could work though and of course, like most names, a beautiful & dynamic girl could pull it off wonderfully. Nicknames like Pippa, Pip, Della, Dellie, Fifi, Philly, ect are cute options.

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