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Thread: Which one?

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    Thanks for the input guys! Ugh, I don't know what it is, I just don't LOVE John... It's a nice name, but it doesn't feel like the name of my child. Whereas Johnny just feels different and fresh enough for me to use. I know that both of the choices on this poll are technically nicknames for John but I don't think I like John enough to put it on his birth certificate. Which for most people might just rule Johnny out completely. But I am contemplating the idea of naming him Johnny and then if he wants to go by John later in life or use John in the professional world he still can. I don't know, I think Johnny is fine for an adult but maybe that's just me. I think it's more respectable than a lot of the "unique" names out there these days. But I'm feeling so indecisive and the clock is ticking! Doesn't help that my husband never wants to talk about names... Thanks as always for the help!

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    Sophie, Violet and Jack are speaking to me! I like Johnny but I don't like the shared "ee" ending between Johnny and Sophie. Johnny sounds more "infantile" than Jack so I think Jack would serve a boy better when he matures.
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    I chose Jack. Sophie, Violet and Jack sound so great together.

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