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    I think I was about seven or eight when I first went to Disney World in Florida. I had a blast as a kid. The age range you're shooting for sounds right to me. There is a LOT of walking and waiting in lines, so the kids have to be okay with that. I remember we stayed in a nice hotel in Sarasota, since it was such a nice little city, and drove to Orlando (almost a two hour drive.) I don't know how my parents did it, haha.

    Unfortunately, now I hate crowds as an adult, but if I have kids, I still want to take them. It's just too much fun for them.
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    Perfect time - never? Sorry I just hate Disney, too many gender, relationship and racial stereotypes to list.
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    I went to Disney World in Florida when I was 15 with my aunt, cousin (9) and sister (8). We all had a blast. We rented a little trailer not too far from the park and that helped cut costs down. I don't know enough about the international Disneys, but World is enormous. I think we went to three or four different Disney parks as well as finding other stuff to do the week we were there (Disney World also has the added advantage that Sea World and Busch Gardens are nearby, so there are lots of options besides). I remember telling friends about it when I returned to school and they were all impressed--and we were in our second year of high school! So older isn't too bad.

    I have friends with no kids who regularly go to Disney: My former boss Amy went to World (she's been three times in the last two years to Disney World, only once with her step kids [who are 14 and 19] and loves it every time!), my high school bestie Rindy went to World (who has been twice in two years and is now preggers with their first), and my college bestie Laura lives in LA (no kids!) and has season passes to Anaheim. From what L says, it doesn't seem to me like there is much difference between Land and World, though Land is "the original" and probably easier for you to get to from Australia.
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    I think for your situation, being so far from Disney, it is important to think about whether you plan to have 2+ kids spaced closely together. I know in my area it's a common desire to have 2 kids and have the siblings close in age. If you plan on trying for this, you would probably want to go when they're in that 5-10 age range. I think 7 is the ideal age. So if your hopes are to just have one child, 7 is a good age.

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    Growing up in LA, I frequented Disneyland multiple times a year. I still love it and make an effort to go at least once a year now. You're never too old to enjoy it and they make changes to a lot of the rides and attractions to keep things fresh. I'm really looking forward to taking the girls soon. I first went when I was 3, so that'll probably be when we include the kids also. In the meantime, I will definitely go with friends. It's a totally different experience without kids. You can enjoy the "more grown-up" rides. But with kids you can totally immerse yourself into the disney mindset and it's truly awesome. You can't go wrong!
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