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    Needing Names for Alternate World Psuedo-20's 'Genepunk'

    Yes, I did just stick something on the suffix '-punk' to name my own genre. Name experts here, remember? ;)

    I'm resurrecting an old duology set in (as you have probably guessed) an alternate world--NOT an alternate history, for the record--where the industrial age was driven by the discovery of genetic manipulation. The closest analog in real life to the time period in the story would be the late Roaring Twenties, right before everything falls apart. (The story, of course, is about everything falling apart.) I need some names that sound both old-fashioned and modern--basically everything. Anything with a Gatsby-vibe would be great, obviously, and I'd be open to something made up.

    The names of my heroines are Brinna (nn Brinn), Kaiya, and Leila. They're the kind of characters who stepped into my mind fully-named, but I need help naming their families in specific. Brinna's older brother is the leader of one of the revolutionary groups in the city, and his alias is 'Green.' Kaiya is the daughter of the Mayor, who up 'til now I've just been calling the Mayor. Leila is the Magician's daughter, or at least she was when the story was still fantasy. I still call him the Magician (he was the first man to use genetic manipulation on a human), but I need an actual name for him.

    So: Green, the Mayor, the Magician, and just a list of names you think would fit in this world. I'm open to pretty much anything.

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