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    Looking for a middle name for Trigg

    We are expecting our 2nd child in August and have decided on a first name if it is a boy, but we are having trouble with a middle name. Help us find a middle name for Trigg.

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    Depends on the surname, but how about:
    Trigg Anderson
    Trigg Anders
    Trigg Allen
    Trigg Anthony
    Trigg Alexander
    Trigg Beckett
    Trigg Booker
    Trigg Bridger
    Trigg Braxton
    Trigg Benjamin
    Trigg Dominic
    Trigg Donovan
    Trigg Easton
    Trigg Edison
    Trigg Edward
    Trigg Elliott
    Trigg Elijah
    Trigg Everett
    Trigg Emory
    Trigg Evander
    Trigg Jackson
    Trigg Jameson
    Trigg Jefferson
    Trigg Jeremy
    Trigg Joshua
    Trigg Jeffery
    Trigg Jonathan
    Trigg Killian
    Trigg Kian
    Trigg Kenton
    Trigg Keaton
    Trigg Kieran
    Trigg Levi
    Trigg Leander
    Trigg Leon
    Trigg Landon
    Trigg Malcolm
    Trigg Malachy
    Trigg Mason
    Trigg Cooper
    Trigg Marshall
    Trigg Mitchell
    Trigg Murphy
    Trigg Nolan
    Trigg Nicholas
    Trigg Orion
    Trigg Parker
    Trigg Porter
    Trigg Patrick
    Trigg Paxton
    Trigg Paxson
    Trigg Rafferty
    Trigg Rainier
    Trigg Reuben
    Trigg Russell
    Trigg Rowan
    Trigg Sawyer
    Trigg Shepherd
    Trigg Simon
    Trigg Soren
    Trigg Sullivan
    Trigg Wilder
    Trigg Weston
    Trigg Wesley
    Trigg Walker
    Trigg Walden
    Trigg Roscoe
    Trigg Whitman
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    I am not trying to insult your name choice. I love the idea of looking for a fresh, spunky one syllable boy's name. Are you at all concerned that the only Trig many will have heard of is Sarah Palin's son? I know there is a subset of American society that likes Sarah Palin, however it's a very polarizing family.

    I worry about a little boy being teased for being "named after" Ms. Palin's developmentally delayed son. It is inappropriate and cruel but so, often, are children.
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