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    5 weeks to go & we finally have something resembling a short list!

    So, I thought we'd never get here but we nearly have a list of names to take to hospital ! Relief is what I am feeling, mostly, although I am still not completely in love with any of the names! So, I thought I'd ask for some opinions/help. We would love to honor someone with the middle name & have decided that that could be best done by having a name that means peace. Any/all middle name suggestions w/ our first names along this line are very welcome.

    Our list looks like this at the moment:

    Mila nn Millie (we both LOVE Millie but are having trouble agreeing on a full name to get to the nn Millie)
    Eden nn Eddie or Edie (Spelling opinions on the nn welcome!)
    Amaia (prn Uh-my-uh)


    Some middle names that I have tried to pair up w/ the first names are Salomon and Humphrey for a boy and Olive or Salome for a girl. DH does not like Olive at all, though and thinks of Humphrey B. Bear (an Australian character & TV show for kids) with Humphrey.

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