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    Calista nn Callie -- Usable
    Thalia -- Definitely usable, I've met a few.
    Allegra -- Like the allergy drug? Meh.
    Clio -- Nope. But that's a personal dislike of the name, considering it being one letter off from a word you shouldn't name your child.
    Freya -- Usable, but I don't like it.
    Calypso -- Haha why not?
    Cordelia nn Cora -- Definitely usable.
    Io (should this be a nickname for a longer name?) -- Usable and yes.
    Philadelphia -- Nope, but I don't like place names, really.
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    I know a few people with these names (including a Calypso & a Philadelphia) so they don't seem too out-there to me. Freya, Thalia, Callista, Cordelia & Clio are all very usable in my opinion. Not sure about Allegra & Io but they are definitely great middle name material
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    *Calista nn Callie- Could possibly be usable, especially if you address her as Callie often
    *Thalia- Usable
    *Allegra- I just think of the allergy medicine, so not really
    *Clio- Definitely! A more common spelling would be Cleo
    *Freya- I really like this one, I'd say it's usable
    *Calypso- I don't think it's very usable
    *Cordelia nn Cora- LOVE, and I'd use it, even if it weren't usable (which I think it is anyway)
    *Io (should this be a nickname for a longer name?)- Cute! I'd use it, but keep in mind that you might run into trouble filling in online documents.
    on certain websites, they require the first name to be longer than two letters. Maybe a nickname for Indigo?
    *Philadelphia- I don't think it's very usable, I dont like it too much. It's just way too tied to the city. But I see the appeal

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    I think all but Io and Philadelphia are, and I like them all too. Cordelia and Calista are my favorites
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    I like your list, and in particular:


    I'm not so hot on the last four but I certainly think they are usable.

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