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    I'm in Australia and I don't think there is a problem naming a child Calista,Thalia, Allegra, Freya or Cordelia.

    I wouldn't name a child Clio, Calypso or Io.

    Believe it or not but I have an ancestor named Philadelphia, born in 1777 in England. She got Phillis for short and that name also got given to her granddaughter, my great, great grandmother. Therefore I don't think it's as crazy as most people.

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    Haha, I've got a Philadelphia on my family tree as well! I wouldn't think it was crazy if it wasn't for that soft cheese...

    Allegra - Absolutely usable, and lovely too.
    Calista - I dislike the name, but it's usable.
    Calypso - I know one, and I've had it on and off my list, I think it's beautiful and usable. And she was not a bad namesake.
    Clio - Usable, and beautiful.
    Cordelia - Very usable, although tragic (if it's a discussion about namesakes, I'd avoid it though, as she was rather daft).
    Freya - Very very usable. I've met several.
    Io - Beautiful. So much name for only two letters! I think it's usable.
    Thalia - So usable! No problems at all. It's been on and off my list as well... So gorgeous.
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    Calista, Thalia, and Cordelia are the only ones that I can see being usable.
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    Calypso, Io, and Philadelphia are not usable. The others are fine. I'm not sure why so many people are saying they're on the fence about Calista. It sounds similar to other "normal" names like Clarissa, Kalissa, Christa, etc. and I've heard it on real people before. Am I missing something? Freya is another that is I guess a little "out-there" but I've head it on real people, too, so it doesn't strike me as unusable. I'm not a fan of Clio, especially this spelling, but to each their own. I've seen it a lot on NB recently.

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    I would use Calista and I don't consider it unusable in my own head (and Freya, and Clio). I am just saying in my region, the Midwest, I can see it getting constant funny looks, and the OP said all the names are considered "out there" in her area. I consider it more in the middle of her list of names.

    I wish all areas were full of name nerds, but it's not the case!
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