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    I like it!

    I also know an Allison who goes exclusively by Sunny.

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    Thank you guys for your opinions. I think that it's true that with the many unique names parents are using, more and more names are being taken seriously, as well as unusual names.
    And I probably would end up using it with a common mn, so she could have a backup name if she wanted something more common than Sunday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niftylavalamp View Post
    I had the same southern vibe from Susanna, until I realized it also has a long history in Britain as well. Shakespeare's daughter was even named Susanna, that really gives it a more intellectual edge for me! I find the spelling Susannah with an h seems southern still, but Susanna makes me think of Shakespeare and Susanna Clarke, a fantastic modern British author (she wrote Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrel), I think the historic and literary connection really make the name appealing!
    I completely agree! Also, I think of Susanna/h first as a classic biblical name, it doesn't seem that Southern Belle to me as opposed to say, Savannah, Scarlett or Delilah. Also it means Lily!

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