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    Then what about Suzanne or Susan?

    Or you could name her Sonya or Sondra nn Sonny (or even Sunny, really).
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    I like Sunday, but as you see there are some legitimate concerns with it. I love the suggestions of Susannah & Summer! Some other suggestions to get the name Sunny......

    Sundara- technically a male name but I think it would work well on a little girl
    Sana- cute and also means brilliance, radiance, splendour
    Sonary- This name has it's originates from the Thai language. Roughly translated, it means a beautiful girl (according to baby name wizard...)
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    Sunday is quite Dragnet to me... sounds like Joe Friday... I find it to be a guilty pleasure name, or great as a mn. That's mostly because, like Sunshine, it's a great name for a little kid, but not such a great name for a career... Imagine being a prosecutor named Sunday Jones... eek! It just wouldn't age well... My mom's nn was Sunny, and her name had nothing to do with the Sun (and didn't have Sun- in it), so choose a professional name and nickname her Sunny.
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    I don't think Sunday is cruel at all. Not compared to some names. It's actually growing on me since Nicole and Keith chose it for their first daughter. I quite like Sunday with Sunny for a nickname.

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    I like Sunday. It's not a name I'd use myself, but it's nice. I have a crush on the name Sunna, a name from Norse mythology.

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