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    Sunday-Too cruel to even consider?

    I'm very far off from having children, but this is just a thought I've been having for awhile now.
    I dearly would love to call my daughter Sunny, (hopefully she will have my blonde hair...) but it's too nicknamey to work as a first name. Sunshine is a definite no.
    My dream name was Sunnah, as one of my friends has a sister named Sunnah, but then I discovered it's the name of a Muslim religious book and not even really a name. I don't know how they got it, they're Christians.
    Anyways, so I was searching desperately for a new name with Sunny as a nickname, with nothing really sticking, when I happened upon Sunday. Now, I wouldn't consider Tuesday or Wednesday, two other day-names, but Sunday strikes me as being kind of sweet. To my surprise, I've actually been really loving Sunday.
    Now, this future daughter wouldn't go by Sunday, she'd be called Sunny, but is Sunday too cruel to even consider as name?

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    I have a little girl in my class called Sunday... the name is not my style but I would never consider it cruel. I think it is fine to use.

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    I love Sunny. I see no problem just naming her Sunny. But Sunday is far from cruel! There's also Sunniva. Anything with a -son ending would also work (like Allison, etc.)

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    I would never use it. There are some who like it, but I think it's a terrible name. If you like Sunny, why not name her Susannah or even Suzanne?

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    I don't have a problem with Sunday. I wouldn't use it myself, but I don't mind it.

    Also, I went to school with a girl who went by Sunny and her actual first name was Summer. I always thought that was a cute connection.

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