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Thread: southern gothic

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    southern gothic

    I'm writing a story that is somewhat of a southern gothic, how are my names as far as being believable? (it is based in 2003 and 1990)

    Karen Sawyer

    Hannah Holland-Wallace

    Candace "Candy" Smeath

    Gunner Wallace

    William "Chev" or "Chevy" Holland

    Daniel Rowan

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    Your names seem realistic. Which are from which time period? My favorite is Daniel Rowan.
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    Definitely believable, but also not cliche. You could also check out the top 1000 list for the years your characters were born if you get stuck.

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    I like all of those, and they work.

    @ demoniccupcakep-I love the username demonic cupcake. Just saying.
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    I like all of them, and they work really well. Can I ask how old the characters are?

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