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    Baby Boy names that go with big brother "Cole" please!

    I am looking for some ideas for a boy's name that sounds good with "Cole" (sibling's name). I like short, strong boy's names that are not super common, but not off the charts either. Right now I like the following (but I really need more ideas):

    Current name ideas...

    1. Rhys Loren

    2. Ryan Ezra

    THANK YOU!!!
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    I really like Cole and Rhys together.


    Cole and Drake
    Cole and Fox
    Cole and Roan
    Cole and Grey
    Cole and Blaise
    Cole and Asher
    Cole and Leo
    Cole and Max
    Cole and Rex
    Cole and Jasper
    Cole and Levi
    Mommy to Mr. Ivan Eli

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    I second that Cole and Rhys are perfect!

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    I also love Cole and Rhys! I know it is a wee bit matchy, but I have always loved Cole and Clay together.

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    javad Guest
    I like Rhys a lot, but not such a fan of the MN Loren. Rhys and Cole would make solid brother's names.

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