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    rate my pet naming abilities!

    So, Over the years I have had eight cats (some of them now sadly deceased) and I was wondering how my names compare?

    the names are:


    Minnie Evil

    Baby Boy (the Beyonce song was popular at the time)

    'Tater' and 'Tot' (twins, or at least litter mates)

    Chip (to go with Tater, Tater Tot and Tater Chip)

    Hank aka "Hanky McSpankerdoodle"

    Chipper "Cornbread" Landru Wheelan

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    Sorry but not great

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    Those are some out there pet names!
    The 3 Princesses in my life...

    Elizabeth Hope
    Annabelle Cadence
    Madeleine Pearl

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    Those sound like names a little kid would use, lol! They are pet names so it really doesn't matter, heck I had a cow named Mashed Potatoes once because I was obsessed with mashed potatoes. I think was 5 at the time, lol!

    Now I'm definitely a better namer

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    I can picture a cat named Pikachu. Haha! I like Minnie and Hank (although the full name is a bit much) the best from your list because I prefer human names for pets, but ones that I would never use for a child. My rabbit is named Pip. It really suits his personality IMO. We're hopefully getting a chicken in the near future and I plan on calling her Penelope, nn Penny (as in Henny Penny). My husband wants to get a Bassett hound someday (not while we have a rabbit) and I said I would be okay with that if we could name him Howey (doesn't that seem like a perfect hound dog name?) I also used to have a dog named Buster, which is really more of a pet name than a person name, but I was 6 when we got him, and a kitten named Cassie. My mom has a cat now that she just calls Kitty. He's a boy, so I tried to get her to call him Kit instead, but now she has taken to calling him Katniss because she saw the Hunger Games movie.

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