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Thread: Balthazar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by auroradawn View Post
    I think one of the Berries has William Balthazar in her signature as the name of choice if her baby is a boy, and I think that combo is awesome--playing the handsome but more popular William off the energetic and more off-beat Balthazar.
    That would be me. (Thanks for the compliment!) Obviously, I love Balthazar, and I don't understand why it's not more popular either, since spelled that way, it has a "z", which seems to be a bit of a trendy letter lately. Some people have mentioned that it seems a bit evil and villian-like (as a pp said) for some reason, but when I hear it, I think of Balthazar, Casper (also a fave!), and Melchior, the traditional names for the Magi. Because of that, I associate the name with generosity, and there's definitely nothing evil about that!

    Maybe the lack of a good nickname also hurts it? I actually wouldn't mind using it as a first name if I could get DH on board with it, but I think I would hesitate due to the nickname issue. Bally? Zar? Bart could maybe work in a stretch, but most people would think of the Simpsons.

    Something about the rhythm makes it work well as a middle name, though. Perhaps there are more people using it as a middle name than a first? The one celebrity Balthazar I know is Balthazar Getty, and Balthazar is actually his middle name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heyitsme18 View Post
    To me, it's more exotic and villain-like. I can see it working for a volcano-dwelling, world-hating mad scientist, but not for a cute little baby boy.
    But that's talking first name. Middle name wise, I think it rocks. All of that when made middle name works amazingly well.
    I think you hit it on the head. I think there is something villain-esque about it.

    I think Ezekiel is more popular because it's a name from the bible. Mordechai, I think would be popular in the jewish communities. I think that's a possibilty why those names are a bit more popular than Balthazar.

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    Oh, I like Balthazar. Honestly, I am still happy that there still are some undiscovered gems in Bible even though others (Noah, David, Malachi) are popular.
    I like Balthazar and other Ba- names (Bartholomew, Barnaby) as well. It's an energetic, strong, masculine name. And if you are brave enough, I would be happy to meet little Balthazar.
    As it goes for nicknames, I agree Bart could work but I am not very happy with it. Maybe Thor(different letter, I know) or Zar?

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    I have no idea why it's being overlooked! I've loved Balthazar for years, I think it's amazing!
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    I like it! And what about the nickname Baz?

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