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Thread: Balthazar?

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    Let's talk about Balthazar. It's been appealing to me as a middle name choice lately, and I was surprised to see that Balthazar/Baltazar was used only 43 times in 2012. Balthazar (to me) has the same energy as Ezekiel and Malachi, both of which are doing fairly well on the charts. It doesn't strike me as any harder to wear than Sebastian or Augustus. So why is it being overlooked?
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    I absolutely adore Balthazar and would use it in the first spot if I had the guts! I prefer the Balthazar spelling over Balthasar. I also get the same feel from Balthazar as I do from Ezekiel and Malachi, Mordecai as well. It will definitely be a middle on my list.
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    To me, it's more exotic and villain-like. I can see it working for a volcano-dwelling, world-hating mad scientist, but not for a cute little baby boy.
    But that's talking first name. Middle name wise, I think it rocks. All of that when made middle name works amazingly well.

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    I love Balthazar in the middle! I think the comparison to Ezekiel, Malachi and Mordecai is spot-on. I might add Hezekiah, too. I don't currently have Balthazar paired with a first in my name list; once I had it in a triple, Lucian Reuel Balthazar, but I've since swapped it out due to sound and flow. I think one of the Berries has William Balthazar in her signature as the name of choice if her baby is a boy, and I think that combo is awesome--playing the handsome but more popular William off the energetic and more off-beat Balthazar.

    With the climbing popularity of Ezekiel, Malachi and other obscure-but-energetic names, I will not be surprised if Balthazar begins to climb in the not-so-distant future. Nameberry listed Balthazar awhile ago in a blog on names due to rise. It is pretty exotic, though.
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    I love it. But then I have a weakness for the Three King's names (See Melchior below). Caspar I would also like if it weren't for the connotation of Casper the Friendly Ghost.
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