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Thread: So I caved...

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    We are facing this with our nearly 2 year old twins and are considering this method.
    We have heard excellent things, but have no personal experience with it.
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    Ok, Only just had chance to reply! I read through all of your replies earlier in the day and I brought up the subject with DH again, and he says that he thinks she is ready but he's unsure about going cold turkey.

    After talking with him and reading through your replies, I think we'll put her in pull ups for the time being and let her use the potty if she wants to, and give her the option to get her used to the idea of using it. We might possibly go the full way in the summer (hopefully before the baby comes) as my DH is a teacher so he'll have some time off work along with me so we can spend time at home while we attempt it!

    haha, sarahmezz, thanks for correcting me! That's what I get when I start a thread without proof reading when I'm tired! Haha, I corrected it.

    PS - thanks to all of the links to books/ebooks, will possibly see what they're both like!

    Thanks for all of the replies, they all helped!
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    I've potty trained 4 and with my 2 daughters it was a pretty quick straight-forward process while my boys took much longer. I do think they need to really feel the wetness and the drama of pee down their legs. When this happens it gets their attention and then with lots of excitement we rush to the potty...even if there is nothing left the toddler is usually excited to sit and try. While all toddlers will have like 20 accidents a day the first day or two into the process, if they are ready they will learn within a few days. If they are not ready, they won't learn and it's okay to go back to diapers for a few months. My one daughter trained before age 2 but she was dry at night at that point. My one son was pretty close to 3 before he trained. The others were some where in between. I never was willing to spend the $ on pull ups. I think my toddler is wanting to train now but we are vacationing extensively over the next month so I'm holding off till I can devote time to it.
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    We were VERY lucky with our little guy at 17 months he pointed to the toilet and said "Pee?" we put him on and he peed!!! We made a HUGE celebration! So he was very excited to do it again... he continued to wear diapers for a few weeks( then we just did underwear) but would pee on the toilet 2-3 times a day for the first few weeks... We had a bit more trouble with the #2's... we had to bribe him with mini chocolate chips in order for him to stay on the toilet long enough to finish! By 20 months he was accident free and in underwear during the day!!! ( this was all during summertime and when we could we left him pantsless and taught him to 'water the grass" outside as we knew when we ren't at home that if he said he had to pee we had about 2 minutes before it was too late! LOL) Now he will just be running around the house and exclaim " OH... I have to pee... he will run to the bathroom, lift the seat, pee wash his hands and continue with his day!! I love it!!!

    He is 2.5 now and just getting good with the nightime training... he is a SUPER deep sleeper and we dont give him liquid past 6:30 but sometimes he still has accidents so we use pull-ups at night! But I know once he is a bit bigger his bladder will be too and Im sure he will be fine!

    I agree that every kids if different as to WHEN they are ready to potty train but i also believe that the parent has to be ready to put in the effort and be ok with accidents and cleaning and stress!!! Potty training is HARD WORK... for the 3 months that he was really training I washed countless pants, carseat covers, my carpet etc. It's annoying... and frantically running to find a bathroom in a mall/store can be stressful!! But i am SOOOOO glad we potty trained early! Now my son can go to preschool in september! Some of my friends kids can't go even though they are 6-12 months older than him becasue they are not potty trained! I know so many parents who really are just LAZY.. their kids has 1 or 2 accidents the first day so they say "oh... he wasn't ready" when really the parent is just lazy!!!!!!!!!!!! I know a kids who was 4 and still not potty trained ( no there is nothing wrong with him) but the mom simply said... it is easier to change his diaper than to constantly clean up messes!!!! CRAZY!

    Good luck and just keep at it! Offer books to sit with on the toilet, a treat after a celebration etc.! No one... not even kids want to pee/poo in their own pants but parents need to teach them what and how to use the toilet!
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    @backtomyroots- see, that is exactly why I am waiting to start potty training. When I talk w. friends who trained their kids younger, like starting at a year and a half or earlier, they tell me that potty training is lots of hard work, it takes months and that there are so many accidents to clean up, etc. When I talk to friends who waited till their kids were older, like three or even four, they tell me that potty training is easy and took just a couple of days. I prefer easy- and I freely admit that I am lazy when it comes to cleaning up pee and poop.

    Of course, if you want your kid to go to preschool, then training earlier is absolutely the way to go. We are not planning on that so it's not important to us to do it earlier.

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