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Thread: So I caved...

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    So I caved...

    I bought a potty.

    Lamb is showing some signs of being ready and she hates wearing nappies. We go out of the room for 2 minutes sometimes and she's walking around butt naked. So I brought one. I decided that we have nothing to loose by trying, so why not?

    It's the first child we've ever potty trained so hubby and I are a little nervous & unsure about how to go about it.

    I am unsure whether to give her the option to use the potty or her nappy, and let her get used to the idea of it, or to just go cold turkey and turn to underwear or pull ups completely. I'm a little unsure about the cold turkey method because I can't decide whether she's a little to young to go the whole way..

    Should we try it and see how she reacts? Or just introduce the potty more gradually and let her get used to it?

    I'd love to hear your opinions and experiences!
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    Good luck potty training! I'm no help because I don't have children, but I'd imagine cold turkey would be a very difficult way to begin training. I'd try to introduce the potty gradually. At over two years old, she's more than ready to start.

    By the way, it's bought. As in, I bought a potty. Sorry, I know people hate being corrected!
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    I can't be too much help because I have not started yet. I was going to start a similar thread, though, because I'm getting my son a potty seat in the next week or so. My son is 2 years and 4 months old. I was also wondering about if we should start pull ups right away or stick with diapers for a week or two, or whenever he starts getting more used to it. It seems like an accidental poop in a pull up would be much more unpleasant.

    Also, sorry to hi-jack your thread but I had a question too. Has anyone started their kid immediately the over the toilet kid sized toilet seat? I'm hoping to completely avoid the potty chair step. Besides maybe having to get over a possible fear of the big toilet, are there any other problems I'm likely to run into going that route?

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    I broke all the potting training 'rules' with my son. He showed a decided lack of interest in potting training at 20 months (when it was nice and warm here) and then the Winter arrived so I left it alone and decided that December/Summertime that I would begin again.

    In frustration I took his night nappy off long before his day nappy and believe it or not I never had a wet bed.

    So, if you are feeling frustrated like I was just think outside the square because it worked for me.


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    I used this book Toilet Training in Less Than A Day -- -- with my youngest, and was skeptical but figured it was worth a try --- and it worked. But he was 3.

    When I lived in England, my friends would toilet-train their kids in the summer -- go outside, let the child run around naked, and put a lot of potties all over the garden. That worked too..though I've never seen anyone do that in the US!
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